S&M bonus: "Divination"


This Shape & Material Bonus is listed several times in various books - AM5, HoH:Mystery Cults, Guardians of the Forest... but what exactly is Hermetic "divination"?

I can't be predicting the future afaik - Hermetic Magic doesn't go there. Yet that's pretty much what "divination" means.

What does this leave for Hermetic magic?

Any "information" type magic? It "can't" mean "any Intellego" or that's what it would have said... so... what?

I can highly recommend The Mysteries, there is an whole chapter about Divination, listing many different kinds. I don't know the chapter by heart, so I can't realy tell anything about predicting the future. But I agree that this sounds like breaking the hermetic limits.
But Divining can also be about finding answers to questions, which may have a real and tangible answer, quite easily given by a person with the right insight, but for you it's a shot in the dark.
The s&m bonus would apply to some of the effects you can build into devices (In [Form] mostly) to use magic to help the supernatural ability of divination. Like "Enchantment of the Scrying Pool" given in an example in the book, which can be invested into a Numerology Book to help with Divination: Numerology. Or making some astrological devices to sense the heavens or make the horoscopes of people, to help with Astrology.

I treat 'divination' as a shape and material bonus as 'any Intellego to gather information directly via magic', which excludes stuff like talking to inanimate objects or seeing through fog or whatever.

But then, I'm fairly permissive about shape and material bonuses anyway; as a general rule, if someone can't find a way to get the full + Magic Theory to their lab total for shape and material, it's because the shape and material list isn't comprehensive, not because they shouldn't be getting the bonus. I think for the most part the game balance (such as it is) just assumes you'll get that bonus anyway.

I certainly see it as 'intellego magics by other means'.

Well, "Divining" = "Gathering Information" is certainly the way I was leaning - I was just wondering if I'd missed something non-standard or semi-Hermetic somewhere that shed light on it.