Sa Dragonera - Vis Hunt (Spring 1235)

Did i cause this to be derailed? Can we revive it?

Nope. Like I said last week, life has been hectic. I should be back to routine posting hopefully by the end of the week.

Nope, I was the one who derailed it when life happened. We can revive it or let it lie as you wish.

Hey everyone, after a (very) long hiatus, I want to get this story back on track. The original intention was a story focused on the "newer" magi that were a part of the Sa Dragonera "chapterhouse" and I'd like to keep that focus, although the names may have changed.

The basic premise, that I need to update, is that a new vis source was [strike]found[/strike] identified on Sa Dragonera by Solomon and he/the Council has tasked the Sa Dragonera magi to investigate and see if the vis source is harvestable since it is their duty to deal with Sa Dragonera. They don't all have to go (Acutus won't be) but it is their mission to accomplish.

This should also be a good way to get some of our newer players into a story, so I'm willing to wait a bit for things to get worked out as to who is actually part of Sa Dragonera and who wants to go on the little sojourn.

Once we figure out who is going, I may ask one of you who doesn't have a magi involved, and who knows the rules better than me, to help me flesh out some NPCs and make sure I have the rules down. This is a bit of a mystery solving/uncovering mission, so whoever helps me will by necessity be "in the know" and thus not be able to help out.

Well, it looks like we're getting a lot of new mages up to the isle! Myself included. So colour me eager and interested.

I can advise and assist in SG duties if needed and leave Roberto aside for this one.

Also, if Lucas is to move to Andorra proper, I'm guessing he won't be involved in the vis hunt. (Or will he?) If he's not involved, I can certainly help.