Saga Description and Cosmology

This topic presents general information about the saga and world in which it takes place.

A relatively low resource saga. A small groups of newly-Gauntleted magi join an existing covenant and most conform to its rules.

The Order of Hermes is made up of magi suspicious of each other and jealous of their power. They keep their secrets close, for knowledge is power. So they don't share books easily. Good books will be rarely copied (deals are usually made to gain access to them instead). Sources of raw vis are slowly disappearing throughout Mythic Europe, so they are guarded jealously and smaller sources are more valuable than in the early history of the Order. This forces magi to seek out places where vis can be found, even when such locations are less than ideal, so that they can secure them.

In this context, young magi looking for knowledge must accept many conditions in order to join well-established covenants and gain access to the accumulated knowledge and other resources. Covenants require obedience and service in exchange for access to their libraries. Sometimes, young magi try to establish a new covenants, pooling their resources. But the established covenants frown upon this and make their lives difficult, denying them accept to their libraries and contesting their sources of vis through political maneuvers.

Your magus is one of those willing to accept the rules of an established covenant to gain access to its resources. You just completed your apprenticeship and want to pursue your own research and goals. The covenant where you were apprenticed has only limited prospects for you, and you wish to explore other avenues. Your pater (or mater) informs you of a call for new magi from a large covenant, but you know that many others will try to secure a spot.

(This is a sister saga to The Price of Freedom, where young magi try to establish a new covenant in the same environment.)

Delivered by redcap during the early days of April, Anno Domini 1207

Fengheld, in the Tribunal of the Rhine, has openings for a small number of young magi wishing to become members of our covenant. The young magi will be expected to help establish and develop a new chapter house of the covenant. After a standard probationary period of seven seasons, should they prove themselves worthy through service to the covenant, they will have the possibility of joining our covenant as full members, with the privileges and obligations outlined in our charter.

Should you wish to apply for one of the positions, please contact us through the redcap network to introduce yourselves.
right Stentorius Tremeris
For the Council of Members of Fengheld[/right]