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Those are good points, and got me thinking, even a boring reading season could have interesting correspondence going on, for hooks and background development.

(In addition to what's happening in everyday life in the covenant.)

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l'm new here, how can l do this?

If you can post in the saga forum, it means you are already a member of that group.

For those who cannot post here, just follow the link I posted above. :grin:

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Since many seem content with Arthur's suggestion and I may not have time to write tomorrow, I want to make a suggestion for point 5: Combat. That would be that all defense rolls are 6. For PbP that cuts down on the back and forth significantly.

We could certainly go further than that. But that seems like a quick, minimal step to help things move along.

Thanks for the link...thought I my PC was messing with me.

I'm a fan of the optional advanced start...and fine with the book tiers. My only concern there is with the RoP books...if we have to go to the group for case by case approval, there's gonna be some spoilers. Maybe a planned discussion of any parts people want to see forbidden instead?

Maybe Arthur can be the arbiter on specific parts? so at least it only spoils for him, but that is the burden of being an alpha SG

I don't think we need an arbiter - we can seek troupe approval for PC-based stuff from whatever books aren't "Tier 1"; but if it's a matter of bringing stuff in as SG we just go ahead and do that if we need to.

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Pretty much what Plot_Device wrote. If you want to play a character with content from one of the RoP books, then the troupe will have to determine if it is appropriate or not.

If you want to build a story using the same content, you are ok do to so... unless you are planning a big story arc (i.e. multiple stories) using something that may affect the overall tone of the saga. In that case, you should probably discuss it with the troupe beforehand.

There are some border cases. For example, if you are planning a story arc for the benefits of one of the other players, it might be a good idea to discuss it with someone else. That could be me, if my magus is not involved, or one of the others. But anything that involves far-ranging consequences for the character should probably be discussed with the player as well.

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Works for me.

Yup yup yup

Yeah, I like the post-gauntlet advancement stuff. I think it's a good idea in general to discuss doing big story arcs or setting changes with the group in some way before doing them.

I like not rolling for defense in combat, but I like the static number used being a little variable depending on the context. For example, while 6 might be average, we could use a higher number to roll against for tougher opponents.

Actually, I would be in favor of using a lower number than 6. It makes for faster, more lethal combat. Tougher opponents (should) have higher stats to start with.

Not running the risk of botching the Defense roll is a huge advantage. An extraordinary Defense roll just means the attack misses. A botched Defense roll can kill you.

What makes "no defense roll" faster is that the attacker can calculate the full total that will determine success or failure of the attack.

I am for quick and dirty combat

I think I might have misunderstood. I thought callen had meant that the target number we role against overall is a 6. I mostly wanted to make sure that a creature's own skills/characteristics would matter somehow.

I also like quick and dirty combat, especially given the format.

No, I meant it as Arthur was reading it. You have a 6 rather than rolling so that you speed things up by not having to have two people roll. But you still have all your normal other values included. Noting Arthur's preference for a lower number than 6 because of the lack of botch possibility, maybe 5?

ArM5 p.171: Defense Total = Qik + Combat Ability + Weapon Defense Modifier + Stress Die

Callen's proposal: Defense Total = Qik + Combat Ability + Weapon Defense Modifier + 5

Yeah, I do essentially that in my own current saga to speed things up. I am in full agreement here.

Opening all of these subjects for dicussion.