Saga help/ideas

I'm looking for some suggestions as I seem to be running into a GM's block. I'll be running a 5th ed game and placing the saga in Novgorod using the dragon and the bear tribunal book. The pc's will be taking over Pripet Maior covenant but I seem to be at a loss on ideas to bring the slavic nature of the game alive. I'm looking for websites on folk lore or even any ideas and suggestions here. Good legends, monsters, fairies or heroes.

Do you have the covenant built yet? I personaly don't write any of my stories untill I can look over the characters and the covenant.

No not yet.

Read some russian stories like war and peace. Watch some russian operas. Get an impression of the general attitude of those stories - Everyone dies horrible, or fails miserably or has their true love betray them. Traditional russian stories are not happy ones. The weather is out to get you, the monsters are out to get you, etc. It's a surprise waking up still alive every day.

Mostly War and Peace has a happy ending.

I sometimes take situations from now and transform them into scenarios. Something like Putin supplying Iran with a reactor could become another covenant supplying the first Mongol feelers with resources/assistance - regardless of the consequences.