Saga Set in Cambridge

I am toying with setting a saga in Cambridge dealing with the establishement of the university. The premise is quite incohate at the moment, but it will probably deal with the Magi having already been there, and enticing the oxford rebels over to provide cover for themselves.

The covenant will be a college in a regio, but they will interact with the mundane scholars quite a bit.

Has anyone run a campaign in Cambridge and have any pitfalls/ obvious hooks they could share? I am doodling myself, but any other inout would be welcome.


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Not really, but dealt with a urban saga before. Well, a chapter house there. The issue is that unless magi are very discrete, they will be noticed a lot. Anything obvious including mentem magics that make people behave oddly will be noticed fast. That can mark the reaction of the population to the magi. In our case we had to pack up and flee. We could have defended the chapter house, but it was not desirable to have a pitched battle in the city, since that would have ruined the reason to be there anyway. So be careful :slight_smile:

I worked up a campaign set in Oxford. I moved the start date to 1290 because I wanted the school already established, and I wanted to use some famous historical characters. You can see some of my work here:

I have not. We tried something similar in Toulouse, but never got very far.

However, in case you are too young to remember 4ed :slight_smile: what you suggest is pretty much canon, except for the regio. The Covenant is called Schola Pythagoranis AFAIR, and is a group of Jerbiton magi who attracted scholars from Oxford when the university there closed down, and encouraged them to stay when Oxford reopened. You should read Heirs to Merlin