[Saga] Sketching an Order of Suleiman

So, the players have finally arrived in Acre, and are now trudging towards Jerusalem.

I have the Levant Tribunal book, and figure I'll need in some way to have the Order of Suleiman make an appearance. Oh the sadness that fills my heart when I know that Rival Magics will make this moot within a year or so.

Still, I have to attend to the game now.
I want the Order of Suleiman to contrast the issues faced by the players. To whit, the players are part of a covenant where they are forced to tread lightly around the issue of meddling with mundanes due to the familial connections of two of the magi. This occasionally chafes against them.

I'd like the OoS to follow a different structure. The Order may be the overall collection of Muslim sorcerers but their place in society is firmly rooted in sponsorship by the emirs, sultans and caliphs. My current thought is that court wizardry is basically expected of a OoS member, and they have a noble patron to whom they owe allegiance. The more powerful the noble, the more OoS members may be assigned to him by the OoS as a whole.

In this sketch, the OoS in general is focused on harnessing the power of jinn, with other effects the result of natural science, alchemy, and so on per Art & Academe.

I don't have time to outline a whole organizational scheme, but I imagine respect for the OoS as learned men/viziers and servants of the faithful is the general expectation, while the emir/sultan/caliph they serve both sponsors them and supports their lifestyle (which might be an issue of esteem and jealousy among the OoS), aids them in finding vis for their various jinn-related contracts, and so on.

In some situations, the OoS acts on affairs on its own - a rogue sorcerer or jinn, etc. In general, they are beholden to their lord within certain strictures, but it may not be unusual to see an OoS member facing another OoS member on the field of battle, with certain rules protecting their life - no direct attack on a OoS member, all conflict through jinn, etc. OoS members are expected to aid in battle, and so on, and this might stoke a certain frustration with the Code in the Levant among hermetic magi.

i need to read up a bit and consider the integration of the OoS into mundane Muslim society, as I imagine there may be some restrictions there. I recall in Muslim society of the day, magic was not inherently a bad thing, but what you did with it was the real test and what might have you condemned at large.

In any case, I am sure various luminaries of the board have likely been writing up the OoS, and I know I look forward to reading the Rival Magics book.

For here and now, I'm asking what I might do with this theoretical concept above, vis a vis the Levantine Tribunal book from which I shall borrow heavily.

i hope to underscore the difference in relations between magi and nobility in both Orders - and perhaps make the players a little wistful for a better path for themselves, yet also see the yoke of responsibility the OoS is burdened with.

i'm happy to hear any and all uses of the OoS in your own sagas, or just stuff to make my Journey to the East more colorful or interesting...

Si vales, valeo


It is possible that Niall Christie, the author of Blood and Sand, will make an appearance as a guest of honor at this year's Grand Tribunal America in Lake Tahoe. If you come and join us, you might be able to ask him some of these questions in person, and I am sure he would love to help you. Perhaps he could be convinced to re-run the adventure set in the Mythic Middle East he wrote for the first convention in 2008. Marko Makoko has also run clever and evocative Middle Eastern adventures there for the last two years. It is even possible that David Chart may share some insider information about Rival Magic and other upcoming releases with the attendees. I urge you and anyone else who is interested in Ars Magica, and especially the Levant Tribunal and beyond, to consider joining us however you can (there's more information about the con in a sticky post on this forum). :slight_smile:

Hoping to buy and house and still working out getting my daughter into college, I may have to pass on this. If, however, finances work out, I'd like to attend a Grand Tribunal! Thanks for the teaser!


Based upon your needs, I'd suggest running the OoS as an informal confederation of Sahirs, Raqis and other suitably learned middle-eastern wizards. This would allow them to serve as courtly wizards or act independently so long as their actions were within the boundaries of their own equivalent of the Oath of Hermes.