Saga wiki?

I'm starting up a new Saga and as normal I'm thinking of how to keep all notes, data, logs and character sheets (PCs, grogs, covenant, NPCs etc.) updated and available. Back in 3rd ed I used index cards, in 4E I used a database and MS Word, but neither were very interactive and easy to find. So now I'm looking into using a Wiki.

What I hope to have is something that is:

  1. Free. Preferably without ads. Though I'd rather have a small payment than lots of clutter on my pages.
  2. With some sort of off-line syncing mechanic so I could work on my local system (and play in the basement) without needing a network connection.
  3. Access control (so I can have the secret notes and the players notes on the same wiki and not operate with two sets of notes.)
  4. Some level of WYSIWYG editor supporting tables, simple text formating and pictures.
  5. Other AM-players using the same would be nice (since I then hope I can borrow some pages/styles for character sheets and things like that) :slight_smile:
  6. Stability. (Of course :wink: )

So is there an available wiki somewhere that I can set up with my data?

Or should I rather install a wiki myself? If so, what do I need as a minimum. I have lots of web-space with access to MySQL, PostgreSQL, PHP, CGI-scripting but little experience with using it for anything but basic HTML pages.

We use google sites, it works well enough that we stopped looking for something better. No access control afaik.

I use Obsidian Portal.

I personally use wikidot.

There is no offline system.

I have two wikis.
The public and the private. In the private, I put all informations, Npc sheets etc. On the public, ... what is public, and I try that the players keep it updated by themselves!


Maybe a late answer. I'm using pmwiki (free). Download and pop it up on your server. With some reading you will soon be able to create different password protected wiki node groups.

//erik. wee

Since this has been necroed, I may as well note that I've been using mediawiki for years, mainly because that was the wiki on a friend's server in use for a different game.

I've been looking at setting up a drupal site, but any useful modules one built I don't think could be distributed anyway, as they would probably violate Atlas' intellectual property rights (or those they leased/sold to AlterEgo)...


My current favourite tool is evernote ( I have it installed on my Android tablet, my phone, and there's a client for Windows and Mac.

I love it. Really useful and it does allow for rich text editing, the uploading of images and other files, and it supports offline syncing and use.

And I think notes can be selectively shared. I've not done that but I seem to recall that's the case.

Give it a go.