does anyone know if the people behind Sagakeeper are still available anywhere? I'm playing with making something like it (for my own use, I don't think I could put it online without a license from Atlas?), but it seems both the Sagakeeper and the source code for it have disappeared from the web.

Anyone know what happened? Or maybe someone has a copy of the old source files?

Sagakeeper is long gone, I'm afraid. I seem to remember submitting a bug report back in 2002 or 2003 and getting a reply from the maintainer that he/she was looking for someone else to take over the project.

At the risk of asking superfluous questions, what was Saga Keeper and as the OP asked, does anyone have access to its source code? Was it on Source Forge? Are its features replicated by the AlterEgo ArM software?

It was an online database application where you could upload your characters. The cool thing about it was that you could browse other people's characters and download copies of them, very handy if you wanted a quick NPC or the like.

As far as I know the source code was not published to SourceForge or another open-source project site, though it was available from the developers through the SagaKeeper web site itself. It was implemented in JavaScript. I browsed through the source code once but JavaScript made my head hurt back then. :open_mouth:

In terms of what it could do, if I remember correctly it let you store character sheets and group characters together according to Saga/covenant. Alter Ego's program, Metacreator, does much more than SagaKeeper ever did from the point of view of maintaining and managing an individual character. Think of SagaKeeper as a publicly readable storage/retrieval system for character sheets.