Sahir: Question about lesser bindings


I'm alpha SG for a saga with a Sahir PC. He's starting dabbling into making enchanted items, and we're both slightly confused about lesser bindings. Page 39 of tC&tC states that

It also states that a lesser binding

Later on, when talking about greater bindings, the text says that

Finally, and also regarding greater bindings, the rulebook also says that

From all this, we get that lesser bindings hold only a single effect, and do not require the expenditure of vis to create unless they hold a ritual effect (since they do not need the object to be enchanted first). This all makes sense since it directly correlates to Hermetic lesser enchantments and invested items.

But what puzzles us is that, from all the above, it seems to read that lesser bindings are one-use-only items. That is, once they activate the djinni is gone forever, and the item is no longer able to "cast" the effect again. We read that from the fact that it's explicitly stated for greater bindings that "they may be activated repeatedly", while for lesser bindings it says that once activated "the effect is released in a momentary burst of power".

It seems strange that a Sahir has to spend a whole season to make the equivalent of a charged item with a single charge, so I'm not sure if we're reading it wrong, since it's not clearly stated that the "momentary burst of power" removes the ability for the item to cast the effect again. But on the other hand, if it doesn't, then we don't get why the author felt the need to state that effects in greater bindings can be cast again and again.

Any input on the matter would be greatly appreciated.

Having read that section a few times, I have come to think of Lesser Bindings as charged items, and Greater Bindings as Lesser Enchanted Devices. Much like you.

Yep. Charged item. That's exactly how I read it too. And as for the single charge, what can I say? Hermetic Magic is very powerful.

A need to be explicit. That sort of thing is always nice to have spelled out in a rulebook. And ver many of us have been taught to assume that the reader is an idiot, whenever we're writing.

Yeah, I can understand why they would spell it out. I brought it up only because it feels like confirmation that lesser bindings can only be cast once.

That's more or less how I read it, too. But it feels rather harsh and underpowered that lesser bindings only have one charge. I find it difficult to imagine why a sahir would want to spend a whole season creating an item that can only once cast a naranj that they explicitly have to be capable of inventing, instead of spending that season inventing that same naranj. I mean, I understand they can give the item away, and I fully understand that hermetic magi are more powerful by design, but it still feels a little overboard to only have one charge.