Sahir Spells

I am designing an NPC Sahir to be a recurring opponent for the pc's in my saga and want to give him some form of fast magical transport. I think I have this spell correct for Sahir Travel
Travel between the realms of the Jinn (Solomanic travel ritual Base Level 30 Delay Sun final level 40 )
Travel between any 2 magical aura's of level 4 or Greater ,

I don't seem to see a requirment for an Arcane connection just sufficient familiarty or knowledge of the destination.
Does this look correct?

Not so sure about the arcane connection thing (but Sahirs have danced over limits before) but looks good otherwise.
Sahirs don't get enough love :frowning:.

It turns out there is a sample spell using this guideline in the book. It seems that there is no need for an arcane connection just knowledge of the destination probably involving going there