Sample Vis source

Is there a list of sample recurring Vis sources that I could abuse somewhere to help me set up a covenant for my saga ?

Thank you for your time,

There is one in Covenants. You can use the ones as listed there, or take inspiration to design your own :smiley:

In Hermes Portal, an online Ars Magica ezine (now downloadable for free) there are quite a few articles about sample vis sources as well. ... hermes.htm

Quite a few other stuff as well there :slight_smile:



Ancient collection, 1994-vintage or so:
(plain text, compressed - give it to winzip or something) ... sources.gz

Sanctum Hermeticum has one vis source listed: ... intro.html

Salvete Widewitt
btw: I am interested in comments about it ...

Nice one, quite big, lacks formatting though :wink:


Try opening it with another program, there is formatting, its just that you need the correct reader to get it(and no, sorry i dont remember which i used to get the formatting(which i then used to copy it with formatting into a normal textfile), but possibly OpenOffice).

I opened it with Microsoft Word, and it looks OK. 37 pages, no less!


It was perfect, some were a little weird, but found the ispiration I was looking for. Now my pact has 100 pawns of vis of revenue each year...

Isn't the greater alps tribunal nice ? (for each mage in a covenant you need a 10 pawns secured yearly revenue)