scenario- legacy of the schism

The scenario: back in the early days of the schism war an ex miscelania of the lineage of praxis recruited a hedge wizard to the order, they swore their oath and were taught parma magica.
But before they could raise an apprentice under hermetic theory, the magus got themseves killed in a wizard war, and the newly recruited hedge wizard either was not registered with the tribunal or the registration was lost.
So they raised their apprentices on their own, made them swear the oath, and trained them in a hedge wizard tradition, but with the benefits of parma. thsi small group of wizards consider themselves to be hermetic, fully sworn to the order, which they have not met since the schism war, until now, when they have been rediscovered.
So what is the outlook of the order (or more accurately outlooks, it is doubtful there will be immediate consensus) on this... divergent group?

In my opinion the two broad views within the Order would be something like

  • We are happy to have them reswear the Oath and join House ex Misc but we don’t consider them members until that happens.
  • Of course they aren’t members of the Order, they must be descended from a traitor and should die. (Sins of the great great grandfather or whatever)

And the main thing of which side gets their way is the maga who meets them first. I’m sure there will be some nuance within these broad categories but I don’t see anyone viewing them as members of the Order except, maybe, some ex Misc lineages who barely have contact with the House and Order themselves and those guys aren’t going to Tribunal and voting.


I don't think most magi wouldn't see them different than the next door Ex-Miscellanea.

I'd say they are assumed by everyone to be part of that house. Except maybe a tricky Tytalus here smelling a nice plot or the strict Guernicus there making them sweat fixing their paperwork.

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I agree with Ouroboros. To get to the point where they swear the oath and are taught parma magica is after roughly 5 years (from the Lineage of Praxis part of HoH:S). Enough time to learn some Code of Hermes and Order of Hermes Lore. If they claimed to be Hermetic Magi, ex-Misc, know the Oath, have Parma Magica, and generally act like Ex-Misc then most meeting them would believe they are.

Now if you want something to cause conflict: Do they speak Latin? Do they claim to be something other than ex-Misc?

My thoughts on this are:
Since their magical tradition is still from hedge magic, they probably have forgotten what magic their founding member learned. hey would still know and follow the code, with some possible ideocracies like having formed three covenants and declaring themselves a tribunal, or referring to unGifted members of their tradition who have been initiated into their hedge magic as redcaps.