Scholomance and Other Magical Schools

I'm prepping a Saga set in a magical version of Oxford (a non-standard setting, obviously, where a Hermetic breakthrough permits the teaching of Arts to multiple students at a time) and I want to use Scholomance as one of many competing magical schools.

Does anyone know of any legendary magical schools in this vein? Our game starts in 1290.

(We're playing it by Google Hangout, by the way, if anyone is looking for a game.)

Well, there's the school from Krabat, if you need a diabolist to hunt down...

In mine and CJ23's saga, we've set our saga in York with the magi controlling St. Peter's school - it was set up to teach both for the church and the local nobles so has a wide pupil base, its charter keeps it relatively autonomous and it has legendary history such as having Alcuin as a headmaster before he gets hired by Charlemagne. So, there's room for using the ancient schools of England as competition.

In the setting - the Tremere keep a school where they teach mundanes and one gifted student in a class, and in Thebes a couple of covenants specialise in taking in apprentices and training them until it's time for Tribunal and magi take the apprentices.

Mundanes plus one single Gifted...That pretty much guarantees who is the odd boy who gets picked on and beaten up...sounds more Tytalus' style doesn't it?

Hogwarts School of Wizadry and Witchcraft (sorry, couldn't resist that one :smiley: )