Scribe speciality

I'm looking for examples of scribe speciality, as there's none in core book (or i haven't found them)

Is there any chance a speciality in scribe can improve the quality of the hermetic book you write ?

Scribing is generally set on Latin. So simply someone with a high Latin score will do (and 1 Artes to be able to write). The rest is just for your taste. Check the covenants-book, there is something about extended rules using the abilities of the scribe.

Since having (IIRC, serf's parma) 6 in scribe increases quality by 1, having 5 and a speciality in clear script would do the same;)

Thank, i've read covenant already, i'll give a look anyway.

I was wandering wether someting like clear script was not too broad to get the bonus every time you make a book.

As SG, would you allow it or would you suggest something like (hermetic books) or (summae) or maybe even more restrictive like a focus ?

Look at it the other way: clear script gives you no bonus compared to the "standard" rules - but if you do not get a clear script, you get a -1 penalty. This makes sense, since it's terribly distracting to read anything requiring concentration that's not clearly written.