Seasonal Activities thread

I can. It was not on my mage planner. I replace the Cheap the reaper with Stultus LR

For the record/as a reminder, I keep a record of Tranquillina's advancement on the wiki. Summary for 1228:

1228.1: Read Twilight’s Inevitable Triumph (Vim).
1228.2: Invented spells for original research: Purification of the Lingering Ailments (CrCo 20) and Bind the Giantess’s Wound (CrCo 15). Nothing special happened from original research.
— Addled roll: Sta -3 – Addicted 1 + stress die 4 = 0. Lab Total next season at -3, advancement total next season at -1; Long-Term Fatigue Level next season.
1228.3: Invented spell: Shroud Magic (MuVi 15, with Duration: Diameter).
1228.4: Read Threading the Hermetic Needle (Finesse).

[strike]Let me know when we're ready to talk about 1229 - I'll want to get SG/troupe consent on my original research plan.[/strike] EDIT: A little birdie told me to start talkin' :slight_smile:

In summary, Tranquillina's overall research plan is to try to use Rego Corpus magic to recreate what doctors can accomplish with Medicine. This is distinct from using Creo Corpus magic to just produce the desired state: these Rego Corpus effects would rebalance the humours, etc. in the same way a doctor's treatment or regimen would. There would be Chirurgal applications as well (for example, phlebotomy, or setting broken bones - but not healing them). The ultimate goal is to create a new ReCo guideline for providing a positive modifier to the target's Living Conditions, the same way a thorough doctor's regimen would.

To this end, I am proposing that Tranquillina invent ReCo versions of CrCo spells (among other things). The ReCo spell would have the same mechanical effect as the CrCo spell; the ReCo spell would almost surely require a successful Int + Finesse roll to be successful (unlike CrCo); and the ReCo spell might require a longer duration, depending on the application.

One critique of this proposal is that there are no existing ReCo guidelines for, say, giving a bonus to Recovery Rolls a la Purification of the Festering Wounds. From a mechanical standpoint, Tranquillina wouldn't be gaining all that much - she already has the analogous CrCo spell in each case, so at best she gains a few points on her casting total (and moreover the new spells require Finesse). From a roleplay standpoint, I hope that the research vision is cohesive enough that it makes sense to use ReCo for these desired effects in the setting of her experiments.


Season 1 Write Lab text (100 levels ; Latin 5 x 20)
Leap of Homecoming 35
Seven League Stride 30
Wizard's Leap 15
Endurance of the Berzerker 15
Wizard's Parry 5

Take Longevity Ritual

Season 2: Search for Familiar. Exposure xp in Area Lore

Season 3: Search for Familiar. Exposure xp in Area Lore

Season 4: Search for Familiar. Exposure xp in Area Lore

Stultus' updated schedule:
1227.3, 1227.4: play for Korvin. 4 XP in profession: Playwright.
1228.1: 1st season of setting up lab. 2 XP in Magic Theory.
1228.2: Assisting Korvin with LR. 2 XP in Magic Theory.
1228.3: 2nd season of setting up lab. 2 XP in Magic Theory.
1228.4: Studying Animal from Vis. Aura 5, roll of 1 then 8 = Quality 21. Animal raises to 8 with 6 points left over.
Aging roll: +6 for age, -2 Covenant conditions modifier, -2 Lab Health rating, -9 Longevity Ritual. [1d10]roll of 1 (uh-oh) then 9 (oh crap!). Total of 11. 1 Aging point gained in Qik.
1229.3: "To Live and Lie in Normandy".

1229.1: creating a lesser enchanted device.

Palindromedary from Parnassus
ReAn 15 (Per/Conc/Ind). Item maintains concentration, is useable twice per day. Effect level 26.

The item consists of two saddles (such as a knight might use: rigid, with a built-up pommel and cantle) affixed to each other, back to front. There is a small space in between the saddles where one might fasten a small pair of saddlebags. Both saddles are equipped with stirrups and a harness that can buckle around the rider's waist. There is a small wooden camel's head attached to both the front and the back of the device, hence the name: the head on the front has opals for eyes.

On command, the contraption may lift off the ground and take flight, transporting the riders through the air as fast as a horse can run. (Speed may vary up or down slightly depending on the load.)

Design: Base 1 (Manipulate animal products), +1 Concentration, +2 very unnatural motion, +2 carry a pair of riders, +1 speed. (This is essentially a copy of "Dadvand's Steed of the Air" from C&C, with an extra magnitude added to handle another rider. Jebrick, thank you for providing the data. :slight_smile:)

Lab total: Re 10, An 8, Aura 10, Magic Theory 5, Int +3, Familiar bonus 7, Lab General Quality 1, Lab Items specialization +1, Lab Animal specialization +3, Shape and Material bonus (Opal) +4 = 52.
Lab safety check: 1d10=3. Passed.
Lab Warping check: 1d10=1. Failed. YIKES! Simple die (1d10=4) comes up even... modified effect... 1d10=3... effect is reduced in potency.

The Palindromedary of Parnassus, being a camel rather than Pegasus, cannot climb above 100 feet.
That work for everyone?

Because Abagail was available in 1228.2, Stultus has a season free.

How do you figure? He has to be present the entire time the ritual is being crafted, whether he assists or not.

My understand is that he has to be present or make himself available. He can read a book or write out spells. He could not do lab work as I think he would be interrupted too much.

I'd think this would be reasonable as well, but I'd like to get feedback from JL.

It has to be something that can be reasonably undertaken in another's sanctum. So lab work would be a no. But reading a book or writing out spells, sure. Inventing a spell or enchanting a device, not so much.


1227.3 - Lab Setup 1
1227.4 - Lab Setup 2
1228.1 - Touring Mons Electi: Practice Area Lore
1228.2 - Attend Grand Tribunal
1228.3 - Invent "Maintain the Demanding Spell" at Base 13 (D: Sun) = 18
1228.4 - Studying 'The Stag, The Hound, and The Prince of the Seven Crowns'
1229.1 - Studying 'The Stag, The Hound, and The Prince of the Seven Crowns'
1229.2 - Studying 'In Flux Veritas'
1229.3 - Studying 'In Flux Veritas'

JL, I'm pushing the Animal study to 1229.1, and enchanting the Palindromedary to 1229.2. Cumhachd's visit during 1228.4, and the discussion about Tranquillina, has started Stultus thinking...

1228.4: inventing a spell.
Image in a Twisted Mirror: MuMe(Im) 25 (Per/Sun/Part).

This spell separates out a chunk of the caster's psyche -- the caster as he was during a period of his life, or a well-defined collection of thoughts and attitudes. The "chunk" becomes an insubstantial phantom that can then be conversed with.
(Design: Base 4, +2 Sun, +1 Part, +1 complexity, +1 IM requisite).

Stultus is going to use it himself, of course -- he's long been wanting to sit down and have a heart-to-heart chat with The Snake. And maybe, just maybe, he might be able to hand the spell off to Tranquillina, in the (very unlikely) case that she actually learns something from Cumhachd's visit, and wishes to do further exploration of the various parts of her identity...

Man can dream, can't he?

Lab total: Mu 10, Me 12, MT 6, Int +3, Aura 5, Rahere 6, Lab GQ +1: 43.
Lab Safety check: [1d10] = 2. Passed.
Experimentation bonus roll: [1d10] = 7. +1 Lab Experimentation bonus, +2 Risk Modifier.
Lab Total= 50.
Experimentation results: [1d10] = 1 then [1d10] = 8. Roll twice more...
Roll #1: [1d10] = 2 +2 Risk Modifier = 4. No extraordinary effects.
Roll #2: [1d10] = 2 +2 Risk Modifier = 4. No extraordinary effects.
Lab warping check: [1d10] = 2. Passed.

(I have got to fix the Safety and Warping issues...)

Why - just because you apparently have to undertake a substantial tarot-reading session every time you want to invent a spell? :stuck_out_tongue:

Unlikely?! Why on earth wouldn't a balanced, fair-minded person who recognized the wisdom of her elders -

  • ah. hmm. yeah. Fair enough then. :wink:

Okay, advancing Fiona from Summer 1228 to Fall 1229, including the enchantments.

Summer, 1228: To be determined. This is her Going to Tribunal Adventure. She has no labwork, training, teaching, etc on the agenda, so all she'll be spending is her Tribunal Adventure experience. Unless that winds up not taking much time, in which case I'll come back and pencil something in.

Autumn, 1228: Teaching Sheelagh Corpus. Fiona has also been practicing with Alexei and the turb, particularly her shield grog, and it makes sense that she would take 2xp Exposure in Brawl.

Winter, 1228: She opens her Godemiche for enchantment, with Paul's assistance. It is Hard Stone (4p), Medium Size (x3), thus takes 12 pawns of Vim, which she would take from her back allotment (trading with Korvin via the Mercere if necessary). 2 xp Exposure in Rego. Her Aging Roll is die roll of 5 – 7 = -2 (No Apparent Aging). She still looks damn fine for her age.

Spring, 1229: This is the season that Fiona enchants her Godemiche [strike]and the Talisman[/strike].

  • The Godemiche she enchants with the Thrusting Stone. Rego Terram, base 3 ("Control or move dirt in a very unnatural fashion"), +1 Stone, R: Personal, D: Concentration +1, T: Individual, final Effect Level 5. Usable 50 times a day +6, Device maintains Concentration +5. Final Enchantment Level 16. As I understand it, she is able to give verbal commands to vary the frequency of the Godemiche's thrusts (faster or slower) without having to reactivate the enchantment.
  • [strike]The Talisman she enchants with the variant of The Unseen Porter. Rego Terram (with Animal, Corpus, Herbam, and Vim Requisites) base 3, R: Touch +1, D: Concentration +1, T: Individual, final Spell Level 5. Usable 6 times a day +3. Final Enchantment Level 8.[/strike]
  • Lab Total:Int 1 + Re 10 + Te 5 + MT 6 + Inventive Genius 3 + Paul 4 + Rego Aura 10 = 39.

She will be spending her 2xp Exposure in Rego (because if I give her all these Exposure points in Brawl, she would have a level by the time Fall rolls around, and she's already used her Level 0 Brawl in that story).

Summer, 1229: She will probably be helping Petronius in the lab if he needs her help opening the stallion. [strike]This season, Fiona puts two effects into her Talisman:

  • First is the Accio Talisman effect. Rego Herbam, base 5, R: Personal, D: Momentary, T: Individual; final effect level 5. Unlimited Uses +10, only usable by Fiona +3; final enchantment level 18.
  • Second is Repel the Wooden Shafts, straight from the book (p. 138). It's a ReHe 10 effect, usable 24 times a day (+5), for an Enchantment Level of 15.

Her Lab Total is Int 1 + Re 10 + He 10 + Magic Theory 6 + Inventive Genius 3 + Rego Aura 10 + Paul 4 + Sheelagh's Int 2 + Sheelagh's MT 3 + Sheelagh's Inventive Genius 3 + Talisman Bonus 5 + S/M Dead Wood (affect dead wood) 4 + Lab General Quality 2 + Lab Specialty: Enchanting Items 1 + Lab Specialty: Rego 1 + Lab Specialty: Herbam 1 = 66.[/strike] She would be spending her 2xp Exposure in Brawl, which won't be enough to put her at Level 1 (see above).

1229.2: Stultus requests two items to be made by the covenant's craftsmen, both to be delivered to his lab while he is at Confluensis.

  1. A thin sheet of metal, approximately 5' by 7' (or as close to those dimensions as would fit through his door). Can be made of any metal: tin or bronze would do. (He's going to rig that into a transporting device for cargo, up to his lab and for the covenant in general. Metal so he can use some of the ReTe vis.)

  2. An 'armor-grade' steel plate, approximately 4' by 3', with supports so it can stand vertically and would be difficult to tip over -- something similar to illustration #2 or #4 on this page. Two holes in it at elbow level, with thick leather gloves in his size attached to the holes at the outside face, so he can stick his hands through the holes and they'd wind up in the gloves. Add an incised circle on the inner face right where his nose would be. (He's going to enchant it with ReTe and PeIm to create a moveable transparent 'blast shield', in order to bump up the lab's Safety rating.)


Season 1 Write Lab text (100 levels ; Latin 5 x 20)
Leap of Homecoming 35
Seven League Stride 30
Wizard's Leap 15
Endurance of the Berzerker 15
Wizard's Parry 5

Take Longevity Ritual

Season 2: Search for Familiar. Exposure xp in Area Lore

Season 3: Search for Familiar. Exposure xp in Area Lore Found him!

Season 4: Enchant Familiar, lab total Rego Corpus, 45

I'll include the final results and alter the exposure XP in the Alexei sheet and the Donner thread.

Um. Just realized I wouldn't be able to open it for enchantment. Large + base metal = capacity 20, and my Magic Theory has a ways to go before it gets to 10. Make it hardened leather that's stretched over a metal frame: I can do MuAn to harden it or do MuAn(Te) to make it thin steel.

Or trade work with another magus... For example, Fiona is hiring Petronius to open the Pegasaurus. As the SG, I'm precluding it being Petronius, since he's already committed to another project. But you have access to a number of places via the Hermes Portal, if there isn't anyone here at Mons Electi to do it for you. Maybe asking your mater for advice in an underhanded matter wouldn't hurt. :smiley:

That might work.
Can you let me know where the Portals are, just so I have a picture? Harco <-> Mons Electi, Harco <-> Confluensis, Harco <-> Phoenix, Harco <-> Durenmar I know about...

That's about all that Mons Electi generally knows of. It's possible that Stultus may not know about Phoenix<->Harco Portal until Abigail leaves to give birth and returns...