Seasonal activities while injured

I need 2 clarifications to the rules.
WIth a wound penalty -3 or worse, are you allowed a season of lab work if you accept to make a wound worsening roll?
With a wound penalty of -1 or worse, if you get into combat, how often do you have the character make wound worsening rolls? Once per round, or once for the scene + once per fatigue-gaining round? Or only if the character suffers from fatigue during the combat?

That level seems to be linked with activities listed in Long-Term Fatigue, rolling daily seems about right IMO. You might as well lose a month to recover. I was looking at A&A and wondering if one can work with pneumonia or other similar Serious diseases.

Short-Term Fatigue: engaging in combat is a strenuous action. That means immediate Recovery roll. There are no time limit but rerolling every Diameter seems okay.