Seeing in the dark?

Are there any other ( better? ) spells for seeing in the dark than 'Vision of Heat's Light'?

Well, there's a MuCo(An) spell which grants you a cat's night vision. Most of the characters in our saga find that Strong Faerie Blood does the job nicely too.

Intellego Imaginem (base 3 "enhance to see in the dark", +0 per, +1 diameter, +0 individual)

It's one of the guidelines offered. There might be an ignem requisite involved, but I'd probably just let it fly as is.

A high enough Intellego Terram should allow you to "see" all solid objects even in complete darkness.

I saw this the other day as well and was surprised by the low base. I believe it’s because InIm spells that affect your senses have sense targets rather than regular targets, so this spell would require T:Vision to work.

If you used it, though, it would be perfectly effective for seeing in the dark. It’s not “heat vision” or pseudovision as Eyes of the Bat, just regular vision, enhanced.

Indeed. Some very good suggestions here though. Thank you all.