[Seeking Article] Santorini?

I know I own an Ars Magica magazine, either in physical of pdf form, that contains an article on Santorini, the greek isle infested with vampires.

Does anyone happen to know if it's a Hermes Portal, a Mythic Perspectives, or an issue of some other periodical?

I'll be your lab assistant for a season if you happen to know magazine AND issue!

That said, I'm thinking my seafarers might end up on Santorini... thoughts?



It's in Mythic Perspectives #10 and is called "Strongyle".

The name "Santorini was introduced by the Venetian invaders, post 1220.

Thanks so much, Mr. Ferguson! And you're the author to boot.

For some reason Santorini stuck in my head. Thanks for a great article!