Seeking complete Bjornaer writeups

In preparation for an adventure with a covenant of Bjornaer, I am being lazy and, rather than write them all up myself, looking to steal writeups which have already been made, filing off the serial numbers for my own purposes.

I seek Bjornaer who are "street legal", using AM5 RAW.

Characters from any official source
Characters from Sub Rosa.
Other characters who have complete writeups, including (if possible) Heart-Beast.
Bonus points for Bjornaer with a bear Heart-Beast.

Here's my list so far:

Angustus (Boar: ... an-wilkis/)
Ankoydes (Bear:
Antunnos (Stag: Hooks 37)
Cygna (Swan:
Falke (Falcon: GotF 96)
Freki (Wolf: TtA 140)
Hilde Oddfish (Shark: TtA 14)
Lexora (Lion: TtA 43-44)
Marcus (Heron: SR5 38)
Ragna (Raven: SR15 74, SR18 32)
Sample Bjornaer (Wolf: AM5 24)

There's these

Ragna SR15 p74 + SR18 p32
Marcus SR05 p38


Rich My most recent entry is a freshly gauntleted Bjornaer, soon to have a +15 years section put on.

How soon do you need them? I can probably dig up a magus from CJ's "Bjornaer of Thebes" saga, but to see the awesome insanity of 3 herons, a dolphin, a salamander and one very confused Bonisagus who has been brought in to do the lab research while the others pursue Bjornaer mysteries you would need to ask CJ if he's kept copies of the files.

Thank you both! I've added these to the list.

Darkwing, it's not necessary to dig the old files up, but I very much appreciate the thought.

Peregrine_Bjornaer plays Bjornaer, a lot. He's made Cygna, with a swan heartbeast (of course). And then he has made one that actually has a bear heartbeast, Ankoydes. I'm pretty sure he has made others, and you could PM him if he has others that I couldn't remember. He stays pretty close to the core and Houses of Hermes books, for the most part.

My gratitude to Jonathan DBA Peregrine Bjornaer.

Ankoydes, in his aged edition, is particularly useful. Thank you very much!