Sensory Language Comprehension Spell

Salve Sodales!

I need help with a spell to help translate. I'm playing a Gentle Gifted Bjornaer who uses sensory magic to manipulate mundanes. Problem is, its hard to manipulate those who can't understand you.

I want to create a MuMe or ReMe or CrMe spell (or some combination) that allows the target to understand the speaker, even if they do not speak the language (essentially a reverse "Thoughts within babel."

I'm thinking Mu(Re)Me
Base 3 (Make a major change in a person's memory of a series of events) to change the meaning of words heard to words intended by the speaker + 1 Rego requisite (listeners believe they are hearing their own language) + 2 Sun + 3 Sensory Magic Sound Target = Mu(Re)Me

"Voice beyond babel"
R: Per D: Sun T: Sound
Everyone who hears the caster understands his speech, even if they don't speak his language. In fact, they believe they are hearing their own language. Combined with thoughts within Babel, this spell allows the caster to move effortlessly through mundane towns where he doesn't speak the language.


Does this make sense to people?

Seems a silly thing not to have guidelines for; a pretty important effect for travelling magi!

AA p32 has the CrMe guidelines you are looking for. You can create an auditory hallucination that affects their common sense with just the base 3, no need for the extra Rego magnitude.


Erm, at the risk of sounding dumb, what's AA?

Alchoholics Anonymous. He probably meant A&A though, which would be Art and Academe

Art and Acadme

Depending how that's worded, I'd be careful with "hallucinations", even Mentem ones. You can't create something if you aren't familiar with what that "something" is - you can't create the illusion of Latvian if you don't speak Latvian to begin with. Same with the Muto alone - if you don't know what the Latvian is for "Hello, friend", then what exactly do you think you're changing your words to?...

(Don't have AA. I do have an AAA card, which I guess might be Art & Academe Anonymous - which would explain why I don't have the book.)

What would work* is the CrMe 4 base effect, "create a thought or emotion in another's mind". Perhaps with an added level "for complexity" if specific thoughts (of "exact words", or their equivalent) were desired.

[i](* Depending on the exact effect desired - the listener would not "hear" your words as their language, but would find understanding despite the strange words they are hearing from your mouth.

To get around this, then perhaps an additional level for Muto, to "change a minor memory of an event", so they believe at the time that your words are the same as the thoughts they are hearing - essentially remembering it like a dubbed movie. But who later compares a person's lip movements to the memory of what they said? (Okay, some - meh, nothing's perfect...)[/i]