Sequence of action

Am I correct in that the sequence of action is as follows..

  1. Melee
  2. Ranged
  3. Casting

Also does all melee (hand to hand and ranged, throwing, bow ect) go before any casting, or does fast casting ( skill and or virtue ) allow casting before melee action (hand or ranged)..??? :question:

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No, this is not the case in ArM5. You find the rules you are looking for on ArM5 p.171ff.

Initiative is determined for hand-to-hand and ranged combat (p.171) as well as for spellcasting (p.174) or using an enchanted device (p.100), then each participant (individual or group) acts in decreasing order of initiative. Usually, but not always, spellcasting or device go later, because their initiative modifiers tend to be smaller.

Successful Fast Casting allows to break the Initiative order and react to a melee or ranged combat action just about to happen, preempting its completion by a spell.
But a magus with a high Quickness might sometimes be able to cast a normal formulaic or spontaneous spell before a soldier with low Quickness and a slow weapon can whack him. If the soldier goes first and hits, though, the unlucky magus cannot defend and may receive a grievous wound. Hence most magi will avoid such contests of speed with chopper-wielding brutes whenever they can.

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Could this suggest the return of the Shield Grog?!? I know many of the players at this board like Magi only games, but I've got to say, I love my "Red Shirts."

Not only this, but also the group rules for defending an individual, have enshrined the sheild grog as indespensible for the well protected fifth edition magus.