Shape and Material Bonuses

I have some questions regarding shape and material bonuses.

Belt or Girdle - affect strength +3
Will this “belt” give my magus +3 to strength?

Mercury - arts and sciences +3
Is it hermetic arts or art (pictures?)
If it is Hermetic arts, is it all arts that’s get +3?

Beech – knowledge +3
In what situations can I use this bonus?
Can it be used as a Bonus to Intelligence?

Armor - protect wearer +7
Will this kind of bonus apply to soak?

Garnet - strengthen body and mind +2
Will this bonus apply to stamina and intelligence?

Crown – wisdom +2
Will this bonus apply to intelligence?

I am trying to make a talisman to my magus, that would give him some bonuses to all kind of spontaneous magic.
Does anyone have some idée to what kind of shapes that I could use?

No, but you can use it for a CrCo effect that enhances your strength.

Hah! No, arts, not (Hermetic) Arts. Good try, though.

Again, you can use this as the foundation for a CrMe spell that boosts your Int. In fact, this one's pretty good for most Mentem spells.

Nope. But (sense a pattern?) it would apply to any effects that are designed to protect you, including a CrTe effect that would increase soak. Note that it would also apply to a ReVi effect to keep hostile powers away from you; getting creative with item design tends to pay off.

Nope. See above.

No, and I'm tempted to say that "wisdom" and "intelligence" are sufficiently different that I wouldn't allow a generic CrMe stat boost off of this, that could be me being overly harsh. I'd allow this for any effect designed to give you a supernatural perception, though.

In general, you're skipping a step... S/M bonuses don't just net you a flat + for being a magus (otherwise EVERYONE would have red coral EVERYTHING), but they do boost your lab totals for that type of effect, which makes it easier to enchant.

You asked about bonuses to sponting spells; I'd suggest working out what kinds of spells you're likely to spont and building your Talisman around them. This isn't just me avoiding the question; generalists get lost quickly in Ars games. The general consensus of the forum is that there's a magic point where your Magic Theory is "high enough" to build a really awesome compound talisman, but there's some dispute on when this occurs, how you get there, whether to bring a sack lunch and what to do when you're ready to go home. Blood has been spilled for much less so I'll just suggest to figure out what you want to do, and if needed you can find several well-though posts that will almost certainly back up whatever your opinion happens to be.

If you are planning your talisman check the forum for talisman threads. You will find a lot of interesting ideas.
I think you downloaded the full list of bonuses from the atlas page...

Yes I did, but I have access to most of the books. :laughing:

Just having a talisman doesn't grant you a bonus to spellcasting. You do gain a bonus to relevant spellcasting once you attune yourself to the specific bonus, however. You could for example enchant a belt with a CrCo effect to increase your strength (your Lab Total will include the +3 bonus), and at the same season also attune yourself to the +3 strength bonus. From this point on, you gain the +3 bonus to your casting check whenever you cast a strength-affecting spell (assuming you hold/wear your talisman). You don't gain a +3 bonus to strength, just a +3 bonus to casting spells that affect strength.

According to you what kind of things may give fear bonus?
My ideas so far:
-snake (shape or skin): +5 cause fear, +3 healing, +5 seduction, +3 poisoning
-mouse +7 cause fear to women
-spider: +5 cause fear to women

with the snakeskin, I think rejuvenation would work as well, a snake is famous for dying (leaving the shed skin) and reliving again

The mouse bonus would not be that high for women (that paradigma stems from later), but for Elephants it would do wonders I think. It would also give a high bonus for spoil grain (I have no idea why you would wish to do that, but it is what mice are good at)

The spider again would not confer such a high bonus for women, but there are numerous other things it might give a small bonus for.

The Spider signifies wisdom, labor and prudence. (from

Mices and spiders:
Maybe I was influenced by my experience with women. :laughing:

I'm not sure about 'seduction'. It may be temptation, too, which seems better. However there aren't spells to this option. Spells simply modify the feelings of the victims and they aren't allowed to decide.
So maybe it is better to skip this option.

Rejuvenation is a good idea.