Shape of the Fire Lord AKA.... Muto Dragon!

Big rant ahead:

He can't turn into demons and angels. AFAIK Gruagachan can only do stuff aligned to magic. So no turning into the queen of winter or Archangel Michael for them. I am sure a demon could arrange for a Gruagach to turn into a demon, though. "For the trinket price of your immortal soul..." :smiling_imp:

Yep, the saga is supposed to be more down to earth. This is why the character will be built more around Curse and Bless than shapeshift. Still, he will have 2 or 3 shapeshift spells. Raven, wolf and cat, for starters. No shape of the ancestors, though, since that does not fit with the concept. Even if, having seen it in action repeatedly in our previous saga I consider it on par with a Reme spell to control a whole city in usefulness level, it does not fit, so no use.

The whole idea was derived from the question: "how to introduce a gruagach-like character in bravant?" The answer was to use a supernatural creature as a forebear. A famous oje in that area was pan Caudarax, a dragon of fire that can shapeshift, had his hoard around and cursed a city when that same hoard was sacked. So some the gruagach powers look like good matches for the powers of the dragon :slight_smile:

Besides, I am a total loser for dragons and Gifted gruagachan myself :mrgreen: We had 3 of each in our previous saga :stuck_out_tongue: but they were all NPCs

The Might problem
While I agree that a Might 40 bear is a possibility, I would be REALLY har dpressed as a SG to justify Might increases to that level "just because". You cannot just keep growing your Might mathematically, you need to justify it. AFAIK Gruagachan can only adopt forms of creatures that exist. A might 40 bear might exist, but has never been seen by anyone IMS. So the gruagach cannot turn to it.

However, Might dragons and giants are known to be around. I guess it would be possible to get their shape. You can already turn into a (might-less) +5 size giant with a level 15 spell (sun duration). Doing the same for a dragon should not be impossible.

The big thing is: could a might-less dragon exist at all? I could pass with a combined spell that turns you into a dragon (base 5 for flying creatures) and allows you to fly (base 4, so add +1 for complexity). Should be adding something for size, say +2.

let's see....

Shape of the Fire Lord (GvSh30)
R: personal, D: Sun T: Individual
This spell turns the target into a mighty red dragon. The creature is size +5, can fly and breath fire at the cost of 1 fatigue level per firebreath. The xdragon has no Might score, but its tough skin and broad damage brackets ensure a certain level of protection if it enters combat. The firebreath does +10 damage at Voice range
(Base 5, +2 Sun, +1 fly, +1 firebreath, +2 size).

Sounds fair?

about creatures: It's evident. Silly me.

Otherwise, quite some differences in we way we see things, so take it justs as the way I consider things, a different way and my personal opinion, which is kinda conservative :blush: .

Okay, hand the time to take a quick look.

Here's how I'd do it:
Base 5 (flying creature), + 4 mags for size 5, +2 sun = lvl 35
No need to add a requisite for the flight, that's covered by the base.
One might argue that the magnitudes for size are too much, but, given the usual physical power and strength of Size 5 creatures, it is probably warranted, and it is comparable to the increases in magnitude between Base 2 (increase a human's size to +3) and base 3 (3 more magnitudes to increase a human's size to +5). This gives you the physical form of a dragon.

The thing I'm less comfortable with is the fire breath. To tell the truth, I very much don't like piling on 1 magnitude at a time to add powers. I know this is not the way you, or most players would play this, but I can very well see the same rationale used to transform into a land animal able to breathe fire. Mag 3 +1Diam + 1 fire breath = lvl 05 spell for breathing a +10 fire... I don't like it, especially when granting yourself the same power as a human would be waaay harder.
IMO, requisites should be closely tied to the primary effect (changing your physical form), not expanding things beyond it by allowing entirely different effects. The same line of thought could, after all, by pushing things a little, be used to create a Re(Mu, In)Co(Ig, Im) spell that gave you flight, extra soak, a ward vs fire and enhanced sight all at once. Then again, I know this isn't how you play it, but the fact that you restrain yourself does not, imo, change the underlying problem.

If adding Might to your base form, I'd allow you to use it to fuel your Powers instead of fatigue, with the caveat that you don't have a might score, only a might pool.
So, how would I do it? You're a gruagach. Use Grant to give you the required Virtues. Using RoP: M powers (for once in a good way!), you can give your dragon form the power to breathe a Pilum of Fire, to peer into a mortal's mind, and any power appropriate to your draconic form.

Granting firebreath would be a level 30 Give Blessing spell (base 20, +2 voice range), so I guess you are right.

Level 35 to be able to adopt a +5 size dragon form once per day (with the associated trinket of flying). Add a spell for firebreathing on top of that as a Give Blessing level 30 spell. No Might for the dragon form.

It works for me :slight_smile: Specially considering that this is not going to be used much in the first place.