Sharing Metacreator covenant files

Salve y'all,

We're using Metacreator in our Crypta Venatus saga, and my two new players are "enjoying" learning its ins and outs. :confused:

Since the other magi are all around 35, I'm encouraging them to advance their magi as well. Of course, their magi were not at our covenant, so using our covenant file for seasonal advancement isn't appropriate. Rather than me trying to come up with several covenant files for Summer, Autumn or Winter covenants seems like a lot of work for little gain. Does anyone have covenant files they would be willing to share with me for the purpose of giving these magi (and maybe NPCs) a means of separate advancement?

Thanks in advance for any help -


Sure - any specific desires for that covenant?
I can dig out a few, but they are rather different.

Atlas' Semita Errabundi is IME verrry useful as a covenant to develop magi in for a few years, before sending them to the covenant IYC: Semita Errabundi (Latin not mine!) is canonical, can appear in any Tribunal, and there is both a generic motivation to join it (see the world) and to leave it again (seen the world, and the limited resources of Semita as well).

Before suggesting files of another covenant, I would like to talk with my friends.


If you have Dropbox, I just uploaded the MetaCreator file for Insula Canaria, which is the covenant for the Canaries Are Dying saga here on the forums; it also has a wiki here.

If not...drop me a pm and we can figure out another way to get it to ye.

Machaera Aqua, which is the covenant in my saga, has been uploaded.

Already sent you some of mine

Thanks a ton, you guys. Still very much a work in progress, but here's Crypta Venatus.