Shticks outside of the norm

How often do other GMs allow players to start with off book Shticks (different than normal martial arts paths or what have you) or Awesome Up into a Shtick not in their archetype? Do GMs ever let a player create a new Shtick?

I've been playing since the FS2 Kickstarter and I've been trying to run pretty strictly "rules as written", sticking to the schticks and awesoming up abilities as described in the books.

I had a few email exchanges with Cam Banks about certain schticks and from him I got the impression that the Awesoming Up rules are more 'guidelines' than rules. I'm a little more flexible about it now.

I haven't allowed any custom schticks yet, but there is one that my Everyday Hero was asking for. Basically "Bam Bam Epigram". He wanted a melee version of the "Blam Blam Epigram", because he plays a melee fighter who likes to make wisecracks and wanted to get a bonus for a witty comment. I haven't allowed him to do that but it's a cute idea :slight_smile:

Interesting, thanks for the info!

How about... "Wham Blam Thank You M'am"


That would be eminently appropriate for Brick Manly, Everyday Hero :slight_smile: