Sight and Eye range when looking through another's eyes.

Hi all,

Not sure about something that just came up in my saga, but can't find anything about it in the core book.


A potent Tremere magus has been called upon for a favour by a Tremere PC. The potent magus is casting a spell to look through another's eyes - in this case the eyes of another PC who has been captured by amazons. This isn't an issue -

I had ruled at the time that sight range and eye range magics would still work, and the potent mage could cast at targets he could see through the captured PC's eyes.

Would anyone be able to assist with the ruling?

Note: The difference will mean whether House Tremere knows about the existence of hostile Amazons or just a bunch of potent hedgies who managed to overcome an Ex Misc wizard.

I would rule against it.

I'd say no, as I cannot see how that is significantly different from using an AC to an area and then viewing a target.

I would say no because the Magus is not actually present with his friend. If the Magus had somehow travelled spiritually and was riding along in the friend's body, then I would say yes.

Take a look at:

Whether the caster of a spell uses such an InIm spell or magically sees through another's eyes: she does not use her own sight. So she cannot cast R: Sight spells on what she sees that way. The offered explanation is:


Awesome, thanks folks!