Sight range question

Can a magus cast spells in those locations he sees via other spells?
If a magus has a sight increasing spell is he able to create a chain of spells to see faaar away? He has a good concentration skill.

I am led to believe not.

You can enhance your sight to see better/further and I believe that's okay, but a magical image does not carry a connection to the target in the same way that the natural image does.

I disagree. An enhanced image is a magical image. If an enhanced image (see in dark or at great distance) would work, then an image cojured any other way should work as well. It is different than Voice. In that case, you cannot use magical augmentation to carry the species (the sound of your voice) to the Target and use it for magic. But with Sight, the species are travelling the other way. Casting spells on people through a Scrying Pool is very thematicly appropriate.

I am particularly interested this. n the now finished Brunnaburgh saga the magus i played had a spell that allowed him to see through an eyeball. He would then use this eyeball around allowing him to scout ahead, look around corners, etc. I never actually had him cast sigh spells through the eye but i always wondered.

I too like the idea of casting at people through images in a scrying mirror.

Is there a cannon answer to this question?

My inclination is to say that divination effects that provide sight 'augmentation' do allow sight spells, such as seeing in the dark or seeing longer distances.

Divination at AC range however does not. For that I would think you need Rego Vim and the intangible tunnel spell, or an AC ranged spell of itself.

The intangible tunnel is AC ranged, too.

I see no problem to cast spells through a scrying pool or such. But which is better for the saga?

One of our magi has a spell he can use to see from a choosed point. If he uses this spell and concentration or maintainig the demanding spell he can choose another point again and again. Using 50-200 spells he can scry far away. This is a real possibility.

Another sense problem:
Image from the Wizard Torn ReIm30

The magus separates his image from his body. It's okay. Than is he able to use his real eyes and ears and maybe shift between the real and image body or will use only his projected senses? I think the latter.

Disagree with your disagrement.

Sight range is fine for any augmentation of own sight, but any form of scrying, no.

Think taht Ranges like Way of Water (Rop: Magic) or Road can be used first with a Intellego + Form for sense, and after of that you can use your magic against that being. A InTe for see after the walls work for a CreoIgnem like Pillum of Fire for example against a enemy after that wall, but you need see it. In that sense without a range you can't target them. If you catch for a way a image (or other specie) of somebody, taht reflect image or something like that can work like a Arcane Connection with the subject, but you need a Rego Imaginem spell for that, not only a Intellego Imaginem. Other example, your Magi have a arcane conectioon with the room of a rival scholar that is making allpossible for take out the relationshin between the Coven and the Knight order next. The scholar has been very cautious don't leeving any arcane conection with him of his body (hair, blood, old clothes, the typical) but the wizard could take a little floor tile from after the chest of the room, that work like a arcane conection with all the room. He casta a InIm for Scry first, and after other arcane conection ReIm for take the image of the scholar in a magical mirror encahanted for the occasion, and make that image a conection with mor duration. Before the scholar could finish his plots is under the power of the magi. I think that can works in this manner.