Similar to De Domo Tremeris

Does anyone know if there are books similar to De Domo Tremeris for the other houses more specifically House Bjornaer.

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I had never heard of De Domo Tremeris and had to look it up. For those who are curious, it can be found here:

It’s a very interesting project, 400 pages detailing an alternative House Tremere. I say “alternative” because, in addition to diverging intentionally from the ArM5 rules and canon, it was written before Against the Dark: The Transylvania Tribunal was written. The manuscript details quite literally every single member of its version of House Tremere, and while they don’t all have character sheets, they all inherit their Virtues from long detailed lineages, they’re all taught specific spells according to their training, and they all carry prescribed enchanted gear, so not much is left to chance.

The campaign in which this book is at home is considerably more powerful than that described in ArM5 canon. The typical newly-Gauntleted Tremere is much more powerful than the young Tremere in the Core Rulebook. I don’t say this as a critique; power level only matters among the members of your own table and sometimes not even then.

But to address the original post: no, to my knowledge, there’s nothing to compare to De Domo Tremeris anywhere in the canon or fanbase. Most of what we know about House Bjornaer comes from Houses of Hermes: Mystery Cults, which I do very much recommend if you haven’t seen it. Bjornaer are among the rarest magi to appear in ArM5 products; there are only 6 and there all listed here:

Thank you for bringing De Domo Tremeris to my attention!


De Domo Tremeris is an amazing book with an astounding amount of work put in. House Bjornaer is my personal favourite house so I might have to try my hand at writing something similar for the house.

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