Sionnach cultas Biónaére

I had comments, but they were based on my spreadsheet having extra spaces from copying- need to review the heartbeast form...

I see, should be good otherwise then?

it looks like a standard European fox is size -4, you have your character at size -3, which beyond sand and sea describes as the size of the larger sand fox...

That's my fault, perhaps a misreading but every other fox they mentioned, mostly magical btw, was size -2.

The flavor text does mention the European fox being a bit bigger than the Arabian fox, so while I did notice that stat-wise it was never mentioned as being -3, I thought it a fair assumption. Either way, I'll be sure to change it right away.

actually the texts says the European fox is larger than the fennic, but that the sand fox is larger that the standard fox.
However google shows that the irish fox is the largest breed, so I'll let it stand.

Sweet, thanks

character approved