Sixth edition being looked at?

I had been under the belief that 5th Edition Ars was the last edition, and that further development would go in other direction - like Ars and Gumshoe.

Then I read this at the bottom of page 1 of the below thread. :open_mouth: Did everyone else know that they were looking at the possibility of a 6th edition, and I just missed the discussion? ... thing-else

"We are in the (slow, so slow) process of developing a version of GUMSHOE that blends the investigative mechanics of games like Night's Black Agents and Trail of Cthulhu with Ars Magica's magic system. This version of ArM, known in-house as Magic Shoe, has so far been a proof of concept exercise with an intent to eventually publish.

We're also (slowly, very slowly) figuring out what the new edition of Ars Magica will look like, how it will be different from the previous editions, and whether it will actually exist at all. I'd like to think it will. A sixth edition of one of the greatest magic-centric fantasy games of all time seems like a good idea."

RPG Director| Atlas Games

It's been over a year since Dies Irae marked the end of 5th edition, and I haven't seen any suggestion on the Atlas site for producing Gumshoe/Ars, and Cam made it sound like it would take a long time before they could make any decisions on a 6th edition. I suppose it makes sense that if they can figure out something sufficiently different to previous editions it might be worth looking at.

There is a panel at Gen Con this year hosted by Atlas, and Magic Shoe is on the agenda. Perhaps there will be an update on the (non-)existence of 6e as well....

"Come visit with the Atlas Games staff to discuss Mythic Europe, revisit the fifth edition, find out what's up with Magic Shoe, & tell us what you think."

I'll be going to that panel. I'll post a report.


Please do.

Inquiring minds want to know. :slight_smile:

If another 5th edition book could be done, would people be interested?


Rather burned out on AM5 here.

Or is it quite burned out?

(As an American, I'm not sure which is more.)

In any case, another book would hold some attraction, for the sake of completeness. But only some, and possibly not enough.




There are some collections that could be done. I don't know how much interest that would hold for others.

If the 5e book were a setting book, yes. If rules or scenarios, then I'm pretty burned out myself.

A 5.5 summary/rules-cyclopedia, mainly...which, to be fair, if the rules were cleaned up and rationalized, would functionally be a 6th edition. So that may not be a fair ask.


Some ArM5 Tribunal books would hold a lot of appeal, I reckon.


I'm not a hoary AM veteran (only known about it for about 6 months). Unlike others, I'd love more adventures. I can see why they don't sell as well, as players only don't need or want them. Personally, I'd be fine with no art, PDF only adventures if that would be enough to reduce the production cost.

I do think that updating Rome and Scotland and any other 3rd edition tribunal books would sell, but again I can't answer the question of viability. I'll probably buy almost any new book.

Yes! Especially so if it were a tribunal book of the same quality as the rest of the 5th ed. resources.

I will buy anything that 5E puts out, especially updated tribunal books.

I would love adventure pdfs.

I would seriously love a kickass online rules index. That would be amazing.

I would be interested in more tribunal books, and more non-hermetic traditions.

I'd absolutely love a new edition. I've loved the old one for many years now and the greatest campaigns my group have had together have been with Ars Magica. But having played it for so long and so intensely I'm also intimately familiar with parts of the system that I'm not in love with.

A full edition change could be amazing!

I'd be interested in these, even if an official 5th Edition Loch Leglean book is most certain to contradict my own interpretation of the Tribunal for my campaign that I've been using for the last year or so. The Rome book just seems to be demons, demons and more demons, while Lion of the North contains some elements that don't sit well with the 5th edition setting - perhaps most significantly Caitlin of Merenita being 300+ years old without a longevity ritual.

More books...yes pls, new thanks

Yes, yes, and yes!

Any book, whatever the book!

Updated tribunal book? Yes, please
New magics? Sure, go with it!
Adventures? I'm fine with it
Other weirdness? Please, do!