Ok, so as I mentioned in the other thread I'm working on translating the book into Portuguese and my head is constantly exploding with all the things I had assumed from the rules (it has been quite a long time since I had read the whole book...) which are apparently wrong.

It is now the turn of Skinchanger. I've always assumed that the Virtue allowed for one, and only one shape to be taken, chosen at character creation.

Rereading it now I am led to believe that is not the case.
In fact, it seems that you can change into any animal of size -5/+2, as long as you have a cloak (or similar) for that animal. Now, from the text, it seems that you cannot have more than one cloak at any given time, but if that one is destroyed you can remake it for a different animal each time. And it takes a whole season for the item to be created. Still, it is a big difference from what I had been interpreted before, and I just want to make sure I am right this time.

Thoughts, anyone?

I hope my one player who had his cloak destroyed twice does not resent not having been allowed (not that he asked for it) to craft one for a different animal each time... :wink:

Reading into it:
You have a cloak/other item.
It represents an animal.
You can make a new one.
Skinchangers can turn into these animals.

I'd say its only one form.
In my opinion the RAI is at a guess probably one form, the RAW is one form, that you can remake, from a list.

Hope that helps.

You have One(1) Shape with "Skinchanger, minor". If the item is stolen, you have to get it back to transform.(Storytime) If it is destroyed you can make a new one with a season of work.
You can choose between -5 to +2 size, normal stats for animal except an extra +3 soak.

If you would allow someone to craft a new animal shape if current item is destroyed... I'd say no Skinchanger should be read as the poor mans Shapeshifter, you can become an animal, but you lack the flexibility of shapeshifter; also you dont have to make a sta roll to transform... Be happy you can turn yourself into a weasel and stick with it, its your characters gimmick :smiley:

That's how I've been playing, but RAW does not seem to support that.

Just wanted to make sure I wasn't translating it wrong, but I'll stick to RAI.