Smokin Wizards!

So my wizard got turned into a greese spot on the floor the other day and we got into this conversation about what happens next... I hadn't had time to copy my lab texts and stuff, so I had orignally thought that the other wizards of the covenant would just get to go in and clean up. I mean thats a room in the place that can be reallocated to, say, a new wizard as well. one has any idea if you were part of a mystery at all... Couldn't you learn something that you shouldn't know... Anyone have any experiance with this at all? What is the SOP? Do the parens have dibs on the stuff? What if they joined the mystery after they passed the gauntlet? I dunno...we're gonna have too figure this out soon-ish.

That's what wills are for. Register one with the redcaps, before you die!

If other members of a mystery cult think that their secrets will be lost, then I'm sure they will take appropriate measures (break into the lab, destroy the incriminating documents, destroy the lab, etc).

Also, do the other magi categorically know that he is dead? They may be wary of breaking the sanctum of a magus they only suspect is dead. They may also be wary about breaking into a laboratory if they suspect that it is boobytrapped, which would not be uncommon.

oh yeah...they know he is dead. He got flamed right in front of them...embarassing moment really.

Fair enough. Although it's entirely possible for them to wonder whether that was faked, if they are sufficiently paranoid.

They may still be cautious about opening a potentially boobytrapped sanctum.

Without a will I think apprentices have first claim on the estate, if not then the parens.

Of course the covenant you are in can try claiming that all the property was covenant property that was being borrowed by the dead wizard and they would like it back thank you very much.

Nothing official here on rules of inheritance, I think. You can rule it whatever way you want in your saga. You can make it default to the covenant, be granted to the descendants, be granted to the parens or anything in between. You can do whatever you want to build a cool story around it (bickering for inheritance is always cool for soap opera, intrigue and politics) or you can solve it with a 2 sentence statement.


Don't forget that if the magus had any mundane family they might have some claim as well, especially for those well-placed noble-loving Jerbiton types.

The Alps tribunal book mentions that they have magi who specialize in getting into sanctums after the passing of their owners. They go in and disarm all traps and wards.

My magi did not have a will and no apprentice, so parens seems character was a Jerbiton with the close family ties flaw as well.

Thanks for your input!

Sabastien ex Tytalus, to be specific (pages 69-70). Who, coincidentally, has taken a prominent role in our saga....

As an example, we actually have it as a part of the charter-- the possessions of a deceased covenant member revert to the covenant unless otherwise dictated by the written and witnessed will and wishes of the deceased.