smurfs in ars magica?

How would smurfs feture in ars magica?
In the cartoon they were in a medeaval type of realm,thats why I'm asking.

Probably faeries. Obviously worth vis, and engaged in stories to make magi who are trying to render them down be cast in the role of villains. Same with said magus' familiar.

Gargamel has been a member of Bonisagus or tytalus for a while around here. It changes house from time to time, but he is always around as a NPC.
And yes, smurfs are blue faeries.


Smurfs are a modern creation, not part of medieval folklore at all. But if you want to introduce them in your saga, sure, go ahead. They could be either faerie or even magical creatures (since they live apart from human and don't interact with them unless forced to by circumstances, apart of course from Gargamel).

your forgeting there human friend from the palace.