so no more Feng Shui then?

Just got back into this game; would be cool if something new like adventures or such came out once in awhile, even if only on PDF...


I won't rule it out as something that could happen, but at the present time we don't have any near-future plans for new Feng Shui books.

Interestingly, at a convention this weekend just gone Robin said he wasn't adverse to the idea of writing a new edition.

I am dreaming of a community/author/company-team writing a Feng Shui 2.0 reloaded web/pdf edition.

I mean if I look at fanwork like "out for blood" or the archetype documen, i think the production quality is on a professional niveau. With a PDF-Edition and the major workloud done by fans/freelancer who would treat this more like a volunteer-programm (without payment) ...

Ah, yes, dreams ...


A new edition -especially with advancing the timeline to 2012 and such- would revitalize the game, of course. Severing it's connection from Shadowfist probably didn't help a lot but I don't think it hurt it too much either. Might as well go all the way and make it a totally alternate history, shake up the factions etc. Having it be PDF-only or PDF-first might also help. It would need a fan community to promote it, of course.