So, what book is next?

As I sit here eagerly awaiting the upcoming "Cradle and the Crescent," I begin to wonder what's in store for the next book in the series. I'm hoping it's another tribunal book, preferably the Stonehenge or Transylvanian tribunal. Does anyone know what Atlas plans on working on next? What does current scuttlebutt say?

Cradle comes out next month, so someone has to know what's next on the agenda...

...or will I be visited shortly by a Mystery Cult for my insolence?

I think that, in Subrosa 8, David Chart mentionned something about a "grog book".

I may not buy that one since I do not really use grogs in my games but we will see.

Well, at Grand Tribunal UK David Chart did mention some stuff, which we were asked not to repeat in writing. I assume Atlas games will officially announce something at some point.

The Stonehenge book came out in the 4th edition and is unlikely to be replaced until alltribunals have been visited atleast once.
Even if it was a bit boring and lack luster.

Probably not. Especially since the person making the scheduling decisions doesn't think it was boring or lacklustre. :mrgreen:

Stonehenge was very light omn the myths part. However it did 2 things amazingly

  1. Mundane politics and general "historic" description. This includes a WORKLOAD of stuff on 1200-1220 characters. That is very useful, at least for me.
  2. Mix mundane and hermetic history in the same descriptive timeline.

I did find it sparse in the supernatural part, but it was OK as a more academic kind of book. The 2 former things were breakthroughs in thwe way that ArM books were being written, so I think it is a good book. :slight_smile:

but yes, YMMV. We all have different ones all the time :slight_smile:


Michelle Nephew (unofficially) confirmed that "Hermetic Projects" is on its way...

Hermetic Projects, huh? Interesting.

The ArM publishing scheme seems to alternate between serving different needs (Tribunals, splat-books, historical, grogs/companions, and so on). Of these, I think Tribunals are next. The only two major tribunals not to have a tribunal book are Transylvania and Provencal, so I'm guessing one of these is next. Then this "grogs" book, then the "Hermetic Projects" splatbook (cool toys for any magus!).

That's my guess, but I'm confident I'll be happy with whatever comes out.

As for Stonehenge... too mundane for me. I'm far more into the Mythic than the Historical in Ars, and the Stonehenge book went the opposite way. YMMV and all of that.


Well, that makes me sad.

I'd like to see every Tribunal eventually covered in 5th, especially for those who didn't discover their favorite RPG UNTIL it was in its 5th edition. I suppose I have to hunt down a copy of 4th edition tribunal books if they're never getting a revisit in 5th. I don't see why Atlas wouldn't eventually, as both Hedge Magic and Mysteries were "revised" from their 4th edition counterparts...

...or did I just completely misunderstand both of you?

Hibernia dopes not have a book either. I would much prefer to see this one covered than the "typical middle ages setting"* that is the provençal tribunal.

About reviewing older books, the 3rd edition books on tribunals (iberia and rome) are likely to be reviewed earlier than the 4th edition ones.

*Yeah, generalization et al, I know, but it has not much appeal to me, really.

I'd like to see a revised Rome Tribunal book, especially with the Church now out. There's a big difference in how White Wolf's Tribunal books feel compared to 5th Edition ones. Some might dig the flavor, but Rome in particular seems a bit dissonant and dark.


And I would be first in line if that opportunity came up. Fingers crossed...


Unfortunatly, it focussed rather heavily on mundane england - which is good and interesting - but an area I had already reeearched before the book came out.
Yes, it was probably more thorough than I was, but I felt I had what I needed. It (almost) completely ignore cornwell, which is where I'd wanted to put a saga.
And the way Blackthorn dealt with that covenant of their own apprentices? I find it very hard to incorporate that sort of behavior with the current 5th ed Tremere.

I'm sure the book was awesome when it came out, but I've only read it recently, and compared to the 5th ed tribunal books, seen in the light of the 5th ed HoH series, it left me unsatisfied.

I did consider running Blackrose as a PC covenant though.

That's because it was part of the learning and development process that led to the current Tribunal book model. It doesn't have enough myth in it, but otherwise I think it's good, so it's a low priority for a 5th Edition remake. First, there are the Tribunals that have never had a book. Then, if we're still going, there are Rome and Iberia, which could really do with looking at again. Then Loch Leglean. Once we're on the ArM4 Tribunal books, I'm not sure what the priority list would be, but that's already six Tribunal books away... We do plan a long way in advance, but not that far, so beyond saying that I plan to make sure that every Tribunal has had a book in some edition, nothing else is even on the drawing board yet.

That's not what I like to hear!

Ars Magica aeturnum est! :smiley:

That's what we like to hear. :smiley:

That's what I'd figured.

That's what I'd figured. That would be Transylvania, Hibernia and Provencal, right? My guess is Provencal is last - too much baggage in ArM context.


Which was actually pretty good though.

Pretty much what I figured.

I've always assumed that Transylvania will be last, because the Tremere aren't that popular and people are overall wary of ending up back in WoD territory with them. This has always made me sad, as I'm a fan of the Tremere as they exist in 5th edition as an interesting element of the Order, and I find the wide open spaces and wide variety of Hungarian and Romanian myth possible in the Transylvanian Tribunal very interesting. (I set the saga before my current one there, as a result.)

Well I'm glad this thread got started, thanks for the interesting information everyone. Now the real question is, what does come out in Dec/January?

Hey, I'm just guessing here - same as you :slight_smile: