Soak values for a tree

I am sure i've seen them somewhere, but for the life of me can't remember where.

I have a player in my saga with a tree heart shape, he needs to know the soak for a tree, can anyone oblige?

I assume this is for 4th edition, since 5th edition Bjornaer can't have Heartshapes anymore?

Actually, rereading what's not acceptable as Heartbeasts (HoH: MC, p. 20), it doesn't explicitly say "no trees." It depends on whether you consider trees to be animate objects or not.

Check page 22, plant heartbeasts are specifically allowed; and trees are called out as an option.

As for the soak of a tree, that's highly dependent on the type of tree. An oak and a pine would be rather different, though both would be basically invulnerable in terms of combat rounds.

There's a section on designing stats for Animated Trees in Realms of Power: Magic (page 129) it's not very detailed, but can serve as a decent enough boiler-plate...

It does provide a value for soak though. I'd call it an excellent place to start.

Smashing, thanks chaps, I shall consult RoP: M