Soak versus spell damage

I don't know if I've missed this somewhere, but can someone answer this...

You have (say) Ward Against Heat and Flame active,
This adds +15 to your soak (IIRC)
(assume no other soak)
Now what happens if someone hits you with Two multicast fire spells that do 15 damage each...???

Do you take:

  1. Zero damage?
    The Ward works against each spell individually..

  2. Fifteen damage?
    The Ward works against both spells together because they arrived together...

As you would be entitled to your regular soak on each spell I would say the same goes for anything modifying that soak - such as the ward.

Having more than one attack hit still giving more than one damage roll, it adds to the probability that the target gets hurt.

just the same as 2 simultaneous arrows - the ward affects each spell separately.

I'll pipe in here with a boring "I agree with Furian and Caribet" answer and add that a spell like Pillum of Fire with a listed damage of +15 in fact does simple die +15 damage not simply 15 damage. You probably knew that already but it isn't really promenantly displayed in the rules.

And I'll be boring, too, and agree.

Something my troupe looked and looked for was if armor soak helped against spell damage (such as fire or a water blast, or acid). As there are no rules stating anything other than armor gives bonuses to soak, we play that it does. Sometimes I rules armor is damaged or actually becomes so hot it causes its soak damage after a fire blast, but mostly I don't bother. Stuff like that is cool as spice, but messing with it too much can really bog a game down.

15 damage was for sake of simplicity...

I was figuring that each spell would count as individual damage, and not stack, but sometimes its not clear in the rules about such things.

My thanks to all.

I would also say that each is treated seperately. Mytake on it is that even if they are multicast, they aren't cast at the same time and therefore aren't hitting at the same moment. just as if two seperate people were casting spells at you in the same initiative order they aren't both hitting at the same time.