Societates : Entice custom supernatural ability

Ave Sodales,

I'm currently looking about the Societates rules for custom ability.

Would you say a Creo Mentem effect with the following parameters would be balanced ?
-Characteristic : Presence
-Target : Individual
-Range : Voice
-Effect : create a big carnal desire like thirst or sex drive. (Minor focus as described in the core rulebook)

Duration : variable
I'm not certain how to state the Ease factor here (Diameter : 6 ; Year : 18 ?)

Would it qualify as something vile and sinful regarding infernal Flaw "Aptitude for sin : Adultery", given the enticed desire is love for another character ? Would you agree that Flaw grant a +3 bonus whenever the character uses that supernatural ability in that way ?

Would the "Venus blessing" Virtue grant a permanent +3 bonus whenever the character uses that ability against sexually-compatible characters ?

Btw could you explain me why Entrancement is a major Virtue when Enchanted music is a minor one, regardig the later get lighter Ease factors, don't let targets make an opposite roll, apply on a greater range and a larger target ?

I would say Enchanting Music is:
a) less powerful (it cannot force people to kill themselves or their friends)
b) less specific (it cannot force people to complete a very precise task, e.g tie or untie a knot)
c) less quick (note that you have to produce a musical performance for EM to kick in; I would not count a single round of playing as such)