[Software] ArsLab

Salve sodales,

A few years ago, I had a few days off as my latest lab experiment was a success, and I wrote a small software to help me manage Ars Magica lab activities. It helps me a lot with NPC, or my personal PC to check what she's able to do very quickly. Perhaps, you'll find it interesting, so I decided to share it there.

You'll be able to find an archive for Windows on my dropbox:

Please use latest version (0.3.0a).

The software was written using Visual C++ (I cannot remember the version though) and Qt. Nothing unusual so it could be easy to port it to Linux. If someone wants to get access to the sources, I can give a link to the subversion server.

Do not hesitate to test it (I think you have a character sample in the archive) and report me any bug you'll find. If it's useful, please tell me. I can also consider adding a few options you'll be needing.

P.S. : I hope I'm in the right section of the forum. If that's not the case, my apologies to the team.


Sweet as an avid labrat and crafter ill to give it a good bit of a try.
Ive got one or two thoughts on it, Add Verditius/Rusticani magic, or at least allow the input of additional independent modifiers, Craft, Philosophaie, Hubris, Elder Runes, and others. Also Fae blood Dwarf would be a useful virtue to have available.

Hope this helps, if you have any questions, or thoughts feel free to DM.

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