solo dungeoneer

I am using the solo rules from the version 2.1 optional rules.

Some questions

Is there a limit to hand cards, because you get one when defeating a monster and when it's your draw step,
because it wasn't clear to me if solo play also has a discard phase.

You role the dice to see how many peril cards you need to encounter if there are 3 cards to encounter, a mixture of traps and
monsters, can you choose the order in wich you encounter them?

A hero's challenge costs 1 movement point that you saved from your movement the last turn, but in the rules it says that in the reset
phase at the beginning of your next turn all movement points saved are reset to your normal value but doesn't that mean I lose the point
I saved the last turn?


Hello Nikolaas,

  1. Hand card limit = 5 cards (assume the normal rules except where the solo rules state differently)
  2. Traps then Monsters
  3. Movement points are reset (yes you "lose" any saved, unused movement points)

Hope this is helpful.

Happy Dungeoneering!