Some advice needed for running a Quaesitor investigation

Several magi from other covenants attended a gathering at the players' covenant and the body of a dead magus was found under circumstances that could only be foul play. An investigation is about to be launched and I would appreciate some pointers in running something like that. The magi are quite powerful, and depending on what might be uncovered, might end up trying to influence the findings of the Quaesitor.

How do you handle investigations in your saga? Any advice/suggestions on offer?

The personality of an investigating Quaesitor is kept in check by the Oath of Hermes, and his very limited Investigation Immunity (HoH:TL p.62f). The worst punishment for abusing such immunity is getting stripped of his powers by revoking his good standing (HoH:TL p.61f Quaesitor in Good Standing) and voiding his investigation.
So an investigating Quaesitor is approachable, and might listen to suggestions. If these look dubious to him, they might motivate him to just do the contrary.
Deceiving a Quaesitor by magic is possible, but look up his toolkit first: HoH:TL p.70ff Quaesitorial Magic.
An important procedural means of Quaesitores is the proposal of (HoH:TL p.64f) Endorsing Testimony, if magi try to sway a Tribunal against an investigation or its results.

Thank you, I will take a look!

I've always thought one should tread very carefully around Qaesitors. Quaesitors know at the thorny end of their cases, they are dealing with people with no qualms about killing a wizard. If the investigation is involving strong wizards, the quaesitor sent will be experienced, and probably packing some nice equipment, with potentially some protection for the most likely suspects known areas of magical expertise.

Also, if something happened to a Quaesitor, the retribution would be swift and extreme. Not only would Guernicus descend on them, the houses focused on stability in the order such as Jerbiton, Bonisagus and Tremere would likely help out, Flambeau love a just wizards march, and some Tytalus might pop in for a lark as well.

I think this would give many Quaesitors a certain smug sense of superiority.

Good points, thank you!