Some Errors & Things Missing In The Dragon's Heirs

I noticed some errors and the missing things in the Dragon's Heirs PDF after looking at it recently. Surprised I did spot these earlier. I think an earlier draft had these fixed.

First, some Unique Schticks are missing text and this can be a problem when making or playing a Masked Avenger, Maverick Cop, or Ninja as the summaries don't mention the creation options for them. (The Masked Avenger does mention the creation option but that is missing in the Schtick's description.) Those Archetype summaries need to be fixed because of this.

Masked Avenger

Derring Do: You receive a +3 AV bonus for martial Arts checks involving heroic movement; leaping, daredevil stunts, swinging from ropes or chandeliers etc. This is not intended for stunts with attacks or for dodging; Derring Do is only good for showy maneuvers to get you from one place to another. You cannot apply the AV to Martial Arts checks to harm someone or dodge an attack.

To get this schtick during character creation, take 7 skill bonuses instead of 8. To add this schtick to your already-existing Masked Avenger, spend 10 Experience points. 

Maverick Cop

Nose for Crime: You get a +2 to Perception for spotting criminal activity. If you immediately try to bust the crooks, you can add the Outcome of your successful check to the AV of your first Attack or dodge. If you have Hair-Trigger Neck Hairs , its bonuses can be combined with those of Nose for Crime.

To get this Schtick during character creation, take 3 skill bonuses instead of 4. To add this schtick to your already-existing Maverick Cop, spend 12 Experience points.


Extra Sneaky: When making Intrusion rolls to avoid being seen, you get +2 to your AV and can make use of cover that others can't. If your GM is applying Difficulty modifiers to Intrusion checks due to poor cover, bright lighting , and so forth , your GM should adjust the Difficulty down by 2 for Ninja's with Extra Sneaky. Note that this only applies to not being detected - it doesn't help when using Intrusion to pick locks , crack safes, defeat security systems etc.

 To get this schtick during character creation, take 5 skill bonuses instead of 6. To add this schtick to your already existing Ninja, spend 12 experience points. 

The above 3 Unique Schticks were all in Back for Seconds and were also in the FAQ on the old mailing list & on some websites.

I also spotted these other errors or minor clarifications.

Divine Regeneration is a fan created Unique Schtick for the fan created Real Warrior Archetype the description of the schtick is in the Dragon Heir's and the text got merged into the Nose for Crime Schtick's description during editing.

The Sources for the Everyday Hero Unique Schtick is the Feng Shui Core and Back for Seconds. The 1st Daedalus printing had the schtick missing from the Everyday Hero and it was added in Back for Seconds and in latter printings of the Core rulebook.

The Alchemist and Retired Soldier Schticks are intended to be options for the Archeypes that can take or acquire them that are from 69AD.

The Gambler, Journalist, Medic, Magic Cop, Private Investigator, and Thief are also in Back for Seconds. They were not in the Daedalus printing of the Core rule book.

Some Skills require a play to make some extra choices during character generation if they have that Skill.

Theses Skills are (Note: All page references are for the Atlas edition. I Can dig out my Daedalus copy and get the Daedalus page references):

Driving - The player must chose a single vehicle which they are most familar with. A Horse counts as a vehicle. A player can learn a new familiarity during the game by being exposed to the new vehicle and paying 1 XP. See FS pg. 54 for the rules regarding operating a non-familiar vehicle.

Guns - The player must specify if it covers all firearms or all ancient ranged weapons. See FS pg.55 for rules regarding using weapon not in the set you are familiar with.

Martial Arts - Some character are formally trained and some are not. If you are Karate Cop, Martial Artist, Masked Avenger, Ninja, Old Master, Scrappy Kid, or Ex-Special Forces you are formally trained. If you belong to another type you may spend an addition skill bonus to indicate formal training. Those not formally trained have a limited subskill Brawling which does not have the Knowledge and Contacts elements of the full Martial Arts skill. See FS pg. 54-55. Also, note that the expansion books don't indicate if an Archetypes in them have formal training or not as the description only covers those in the Core Rulebook. The GM will have to decide which Archetypes in other books do have formal training and which don't.

Medicine - The exact skill bonus indicates what you can do and if you have a bonus of 5 or more you can pick specialty of Medicine as a sub skill. See FS pg. 58.