Some of us are doing #DUNGEON23

Over on Twitter, and Insta some people are doing a room a day, every day, to make a megadungeon. Others are doing fantasy cities as City23.

Im doing Myhtic Venice at @TimothyFerg1 Ben is doing a regio a day over @brickk

If anyone else is doing this, chip in a li k.

Basically, its a daily dose of lore.


Any chance for a copy of those Mythic Venice and regio a day tweets on the forum, for those of us who don't use Twitter?

Mine are photographs of my notes and I don't think the forum does photos.

I'll eventually transcribe them to my blog. Do you use Instagram?

Oh wow, those both sound great... if I had enough time I'd do Silk Road LOL


It does, you can put pics in a post.

I am writing a version of it based on the cults of mercury using the zodiac and reaper's children of the zodiac for use with it.