Something for a saga in the Levant

Thought some of you would find this interesting. Passed on to me by a friend. ... -Eden.html


The sophistication of the artwork is stunning - and frankly, hard to reconcile with current understanding of the progress of ancient peoples. Several points in that description don't make perfect sense either - how can a stone be "blood stained" after 1000's of years?

It's remarkable, but I'm not convinced that the article is the most objectively reliable that it might be. (At first glance, the site strikes me as an oline version of something between USA Today and National Enquirer, focusing on the sensational, and making the mundane more sensational than it might be.)

Here's an article that looks remarkably similar, on "convincing scientific evidence" of the Yeti: ... rough.html

(I have no doubt that something is going on there - it's just not clear "what" -

Shouldn't slow down using it as inspiration, tho'. :wink:

Mind numbing
Changes everything

The kind of thing I would not expect in a serious article. Cool reading none the less. I think that totally flawed academically but it is a cool site and great for inspiration :slight_smile: Thanks a lot for sharing!



Wiki has an article a bit less sensationalist.

Because if blood is "applied" on stone often enough over enough time a tiny little amount "sticks".

The place i crashed with bicycle almost 20 years ago, you can still see where the biiiig pool of blood was(very faintly, but still visible), and thats on asphalt, just a single "application" one single time and on a street that is forcefully machinecleaned 3-4 times per year.
IIRC its the iron in the blood that reacts with the stone(or something like that).
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Well, at least this discovery is so important that they set up a touring exhibition about Göbekli Tepe. Two years ago I visited this exhibition, it was quite interesting to here about the living 12000 years ago. ... ellung.htm


It's a nicely written-up regio.

Mundane level: The site as found in 1994. All ruins are covered up in earth and a scholar barely has any idea that something is hidden underneath.

Aura 2: The site is in ruins, but now uncovered as by archaeologists with infinite time and ressources.

Aura 4: The site seems freshly abandoned yesterday, with a feeling that there is something, someone looking behind your back.

Aura 6: The site is populated with the original inhabitants, who carry on the rituals associated with the stone circles.

Aura 8: The strange animals and figures depicted on the stone now roam the area, alive though "stylized".

Only at the higher levels of the Regio can one identify the mysterious identity of the site: either it's Magical, we ought to take the archaeological finds at face value, it's a pagan temple of incredible age.
Or, it's Divine, and it really IS the garden of Eden. Probably then it will have a regio level 10 where one can live in innocence, nude among the forbidden trees...