Something funny

Ok, so last night we got a chuckle out of this...

I am Beta SG (Gamma, Delta ?)and am running a story. A peasant brings a wounded grog back to our covenant in the middle of the night. Patrick, our Bjornaer, in elk heartbeast form, comes out to see what is going on. He says to the peasant (he has that virtue that allows him to talk in heartbeast form), "What happened?"
I say, "The peasant panics and runs."
He says, "Why did he run?"
I say, "Well, you see, because the Gift disturbs people, you are creepier than your run-of-the-mill talking elk. That is why he ran away, that, and it is the middle of the night and people tend to be a little skittish in the dark."

(or words to that effect)

rofl! Thanks for the laugh, mate!! :laughing:

In an early campaign I had a player who built a character from Africa, with a heart-beast of a rhino... that didn't do too well in some social situations either...

Haha, great stuff!


Reminds me of the "WTF do you mean that starting a fire is mundane interference!?!?!?". Our resident flambeau just started it in the middle of Paris. Half the city burned down as a consequence of his Boundary, Diameter +25 Damage spellcasting in the middle of the Sunday market square. Similar to the later "Take that, filthy Guernicus!" before obliterating Toledo.....

Hmmm.... I am starting to see a dangerous fireworks obsession in the city here....

Gonna love mythic sentences :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:


My stork-heartbeast was good for laughs as well, especially when my magus needed to bring some equipement. :slight_smile: