Sourcebook Template?

Hi everyone
I remember that long ago Atlas Games made available a blank template that fans could use to generate (for non commercial purposes) materials that had a similar "look and feel" as the official 5th edition material.

I'm miss-remembering? Did i dream it? Or in case it was real, anyone knows where to find it?

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I've not seen an official one by Atlas Games. I have seen similar version of the Ars borders as used in the Vanilla Covenants project, and was informed that for text you should use WeissBoldRegular in the main body and a Goudy font of your choice for the headings.

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Hello. I did make my own "fonds de pages" for the vanilla covenant project.

As you may see if you look attentively at them, they are quite different from the original ones (Atlas Games' original ones I mean).

You may freely download them here (and use them as you like) :


Thank you for sharing!

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You're welcome !

Awesome! Many thanks!

Any tips on how to use those?

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You'll have to use a desktop publishing software (or your simple word-processor).

I use them in Pages by Apple on Mac.

You may use them in LibreOffice (Write or Draw), Scribus or LyX which are free.
You may use them in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher, Adobe InDesign, QuarkXPress or Affinity Publisher which need your money.

Put them in the rear plan (or background) of your document.

Pages named left shall go… to the left and pages names right…

Download the right fonts (listed in the rtf doc) and install them on your computer system.

Vanilla Covenant Project is here :

Download it and get be inspired by its layout… (it's still a WIP…)

Do you really need more ?