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New to Ars Magica. Playing 5th edition. I would like my clothes to grow or somehow not bust when switching to my bear heartbeast. How would I enchant them?

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Houses of Hermes: Mystery Cults offers a good solution on pg 24. An Intellego Animal effect (Touch/Sun/Ind) that detects if it's touching an Animal. 2 uses per day and Environmental Trigger (sunrise/sunset) for the classic constant effect. When the Bjornaer is in human form, the spell cannot target him (he is a human, covered by Corpus), but when in Heartbeast (or shifting to heartbeast), he's a valid target and detected. If this is put in a talisman it can be Personal range and bypass Magic Resistance (otherwise, you'll have to add levels of effect to get past your Magic Resistance).

This triggers another enchantment in the same item with the Linked Trigger enchantment modifier - usually to turn into something the Bjornaer could wear or carry.

Now that said, don't enchant this into clothing, enchant it into a belt buckle or button or something durable, because damaged magic items stop working. It's also a 3 season project (1 to open the item, 1 for the InAn effect and 1 for the Muto effect to change the clothes. It's a big investment in time to just avoid replacing clothes.

Other options: Tear away clothing (with cunning metal clasps or spring pegs or something)
Spell to create the illusion of clothing
Spell to conjure clothing: Creo Herbam base 1 (create a part of a plant - in this case, a plant fiber), +2 magnitudes for treated and processed, +1M Touch range, +2M Sun (or +3M Moon), +2M group (to create many fibers, enough to create clothes) is CrHe20 (25 for moon duration) and can create linen clothes with rope sandals you can conjure as needed. You can do this with Animal but it's much harder.

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Another solution is to use a Muto effect to convert the clothes, not into something that you can carry or wear in animal form but a part of the animal form. You could convert them into a tick with a compulsion to bite bears or better yet: Transform them into markings on your fur.

Using the enchanted belt buckle proposed by John Prins have a spell somewhat like this:

range: Touch, Target: Group, Duration: Concentration (device maintains concentration).
converts itself and a group of clothes into the marking of brass colored fur in the shape of a belt buckle on the belly of an animal.

It is a MuTe spell because the belt buckle is presumably made of metal. Animal requisite to allow the belt buckle to become a marking in the fur of the animal, and to target clothes made of animal materials. Herbam requisite to target plant-derived clothes.

Just be sure to avoid having anything made of human bone or material (human leather?) or if you want to do this add a corpus requisite to the spell.