Spell cancellation due to shapeshifting

Salve Sodalis

I've got a tricksy issue in my game that i'd like some opinions on. I'm not sure its been covered elsewhere.

I have a character with a heartbeast. He casts a spell on himself as a human then transforms into his heartbeast.

Now, as a heartbeast you ARE the form you turn into so you are affected by animal rather than corpus. Likewise, corpus no longer affects you while as a heartbeast.

Does this mean that any corpus magic currently affecting the PC is cancelled when he transforms into his heartbeast? After all, he is no longer of the correct form to be affected by the magic.

If so, does this not open up some very powerful options for heartbeast'd magi to cancel spells affecting them?

In my particular instance, the magi has a spell that increases his size as an animal. It lasts all day (sun duration) but he has been swapping between human and heartbeast to cancel it. I see this as perfectly valid since Heartbeast does explicitly mention allowing you to remove shape changing effects and growing in size i'd rule counts.

But he has now been the subject of a beneficial corpus spell to stauch bleeding. If he shifts into heartbeast form, shouldn't that spell no longer affect his animal form body?

Yes, that's correct.

Maybe. It can also be difficult to assume the heartbeast at certain times, such as in a foreign Aegis.

You take the good and you take the bad... It wouldn't continue to affect him.

We had this discussion in the forum a while ago IIRC. It might even be one of those topics that come back with certain regularity. IMS we have always solved this by SUPPRESSING the Corpus effect. If you get back to human and the effect lasted all day, you get the effect back on you. Same with your case of casting an Animal effect.

You can have either "no longer valid target = canceled" or the alternative of "no longer valid target = suppressed until valid target again". Both can work equally well.


This seems to me the most logical effect.
The spell lasts for Sun duration, so it's still there, it just doesn't work, since you are not of the correct form. Once you become human again, you are affected.

Pure question, since my memory casts doubt on me.
Are supernatural abilities affected by the Aegis? It would make sense (although it'd be quite crippling), but I'm not sure of it being mentionned. Memory is quite fuzzy, though.

As callen posted in this a while back, it's likely, but not stated explicitly. It's entirely reasonable to assume that it is likely of the Heartbeast is neutered by an Aegis, any and all Supernatural abilities should be similarly neutered by an Aegis.


Let me try to hop in here quickly before it goes further astray. This is decidedly non-canon. Without house rules the answer is exact the opposite and explicitly so.

No, it would continue to affect him. He would be a very large person.

Here's the ruling:

Also, the text of Form of the (Temperament) Heartbeast (HoH:MC p.36) explicitly still works after changing to human form, in accord with the above quoted rule.


This shows that Bjornaers are not very popular in our sagas :laughing:

Cool, thanks. Bjornaer, and really all the Mystery Cult Houses are ones I haven't explored...fully.