[SPELL DESIGN] Fortuitous Bed of the Vouivre

Ave sodales,

Would you say the following spell is well-designed ?
Siusan of Jerbiton is my snake-wizard with an hex making her suffer fatigue if she is not in fresh water.

With T: Part you might have more occasions to cast the spell: most swimming pools are not individuals before you excavate them.

The resulting freedom of picking the initial shape of the pool might then make the Rego requisite superfluous: you are certainly not required to start with vertical walls, but can also attempt a shallower conical pool less likely to fall in.

Unless you cast the spell in a desert, its effect might last for D: Sun without too much seepage and evaporation.


One Shot's thoughts are similar to my own, especially regarding use of target Part, which is to say that if we're just presenting ways it could be different, the spell itself appears to be fine.

In addition to One Shot's suggestions, for an additional magnitude you could make cisterns in rock. It would be safer.

What happens at the next sunrise or sunset if someone drinks the water? If I were the GM I'd say they feel ill, sick to their stomach and they recover in a day or so. I wouldn't put a glob of mud in their capillaries and kill them.

You can also get rid of the Re requisite, and add +1 magnitude for an additional effect that lets you harden the edge of your pool.

Or, you can use two lower level spells, one PeTe to create a hole, and the other CrAq to fill it with water.

Or Cr(Re)Aq that creates a pool of water and holds it in place without any need for a container or holes.


(Is your Ind large enough for the size you want?)

You also could end up with a storyguide who argues that temporarily created water, via Creo Aquam, could not revitalize or sustain you for bathing, just like it could not sustain you for eating or drinking.
I would also argue that storyguide is a jerk.
Splitting it into two spells is probably easiest, though I like the version with +1 magnitude and no requisite to fuse the edges of the pool into clay, possibly with stairs leading in, and a comfy bed-level bench.


I considered talking about that, but if the CrAq version has that problem, the MuTe(Aq) does too.

I forgot to consider what happens if the spell is dispelled or the caster oversleeps: You really don't want to be sleeping in the MuTe(Aq) version when the spell expires!